Calling All Texans

imageIf you are at all in the area of the McQueeney Gun Club this Saturday and Sunday…get over here. Now, yeah, there’s a raffle, a classic car club showing up, and possibly a Cobra attack helicopter there to drool over. The real magic here this weekend…the STI’s we have on loan as range demo guns. These things are works of art. I kid you not, you pick one up and the hair stands up on the back of your neck. The way these things fit your hand is almost joy incarnate. It’s firearm euphoria at its best. The accuracy…is…nuts. We took these into the range yesterday…even our least experienced shooter at the time was putting one round on top of the other. Magazine after magazine just carved a ragged hole in the target. It imagewas 1911 perfection that left you wanting more.

So come out to see all the fun stuff but stay to shoot these pistols. You will have a shooting experience that you will not soon forget. That’s at the McQueeney Gun Club on the 11th and 12th of this month. When you come in…and if you’re withing 1000 miles you really should come see these pistols…tell them that Gundoc sent you.







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Oh man…..

Ever have one of those mornings where you’re revved up and ready to write about something specific….and by the time the laptop boots up….you can’t remember what that very specific topic was? Yeah, sorry folks. It’s one of those mornings.

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Prepared Are We?

I’ve noticed an unsettling trend here in Texas. No one carries extra magazines when they concealed carry. Even around work where carrying is highly recommended. We’ll have a range from Sig 9mm pocket guns to full size STI’s on hips with no extra mags. All I can do is shake my head. Sure we have extra ammo but do you really think you’ll have time to reload your mag if necessary? And yes, there was that Deputy Sheriff that actually told me, “I just throw a .22 in my pocket if I want to carry”. I had to turn and walk away. That was such a damning comment that I couldn’t look the guy in the eye and remain professional. Now, sure…I don’t want to get shot with a .22 any more than I’d like buckshot to the face. But it my life or the life of others are on the line I sure as hell am not going to go with a .22lr. I’m going to go with the largest caliber that I can control and make good hits with. Heaven forbid that day ever come but if it should I want to be able to put a stop to aggression quickly and move on because, lets face it, wolves hunt in packs so you never know who the next target will be.

I don’t know…I’m just ranting today. Carry on.

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McQueeney Gun Club Website

Okay, for any of you that have gone to their website, seen the banner saying “coming soon” ,and

gone away disappointed….no wait, come back.

Seriously though, we’ve been open to the public since March 24th. For the love of humanity come in to the shop. There are a lot of under priced guns waiting for a good home. I’m not kidding. There’s no way the boss can afford our paychecks with prices this low. If you’re in the market for a new CCW pistol or even a new AR come in now before he realizes he’s almost paying you to take some of these.

Don’t forget to buy a raffle ticket while you’re at it. A free LC9, class of your choice, AND free range time? I only wish the employees could get in on this.

Seriously, ignore the “coming soon”. It just hasn’t been updated to an on bended knee plea for you to come to the shop. Come in, buy a membership, buy a gun, and for the love of everything holy shoot it on the range.

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Well Done Sir.

Pissed Off Rednecks  – Jamie Jones:

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Death in the Brady Campaign

I’m of two minds with this story. Having lost a parent my heart goes out to the grieving family. I know how difficult this will be for them in the coming days and months.

However, since the deceased is Sarah Brady, I doubt I’ll loose sleep over it. Brother’s and Sisters the Brady Campaign lost one of their founders…lets all hope those left indexbehind are completely incompetent and we can stop hearing about the Brady’s. The second amendment has suffered more from their organization than it ever should have. They allowed themselves to be a tool of the progressive agenda for far too long.

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Caliber Trend

I’ve noticed a growing trend as of late. We all know about the FBI’s switch back to the 9mm and the big test they did to justify it. Since then there has been a big swing back to 9mm purchases. Just this morning I was searching the distributor for some 9’s to order in for MGC and absolutely zero G19’s available. It’s been that way for weeks. Sure there were other 9mm’s to choose from but Glock has cornered the market as the “go to” pistol for law enforcement and that always translates right back to the general public. So, no G19’s means Glock can’t make them fast enough.

Anyway, it’s just interesting to see how we are lead by incoming information. The FBI says the only thing you will ever need is a 9mm so everyone runs out and buys one. So….just an observation….carry on.

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Into the shop

I had my first Sig 556 come into the MGC shop for an ultra sonic cleaning. He complained that it felt rough. Well it was a little dirty and bone dry with the exception of the original white lithium grease. Well, yeah. That will slow things down a bit. Well, I got it all clean and oiled (with Slipstream of course) and back to the customer. Sadly it really didn’t feel any different mostly due to the heavy buffer spring weight.

A few minutes later the customer comes back out of the range complaining that it will now not cycle. The customer twists on the piston end cap and it comes off. It wasn’t locked down in the captive notch. So I redid the cap and we took it back in to the range. BANG, BANG, BANG. 15 rounds later we pronounced it healed of the evils that afflicted it.

End opinion…not wholly impressed. Good weapon when maintained properly…like most modern sporting arms. Just clean and lube your guns, brothers and sisters.


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Remington/AAC 300 Blackout Bolt Action Rifle

300 blkout carbine  Remington/AAC 300 blackout bolt action rifle

One of the great things about my job is being able to roll down the gun counter and see the new stuff that’s come in. This one I really like for several reasons. For instance, this rifle represents the struggle against stagnation in the bolt action world. We’ve seen the pretty .30-06/.243 until we’re sick of looking at them because nothing much changes. This rifle is definitely not one of those.
To start off this thing is in 300 AAC Blackout. Did you get that? Let it sink in….yes I said 300 Blackout. So the round everyone is going crazy over because it was designed, from the beginning, to be suppressed is in a synthetic bolt action.
If you haven’t already gone for a drool bucket you might want to do that before we go any further. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.
Okay, this is an extremely lite 16” bolt action carbine in a textured synthetic stock with a threaded barrel, picatinny rail, thread protector, and adjustable cheek riser STANDARD. The sheer implications of that are staggering. This gives you a short, maneuverable, rifle that was born to suppress and scope ready. Those of you in hog country should be almost ready to cry at this point. Don’t worry, I’m here for you bro.
AAC never does things half way. They really put some thought into the cheek riser. It actually has numbered markings so you can switch between shooters comfortably by simply remembering what number you had it at last. This is a great feature for those hunting with their children or taking out that first time adult hunter.

Remington short action rifle
The texture on the stock is well thought out as well. It’s an absolute upgrade from the classic synthetic stock. It’s not going to tear up your hands but will still keep sweaty hands stable on the stock.
Nothing on the finish is bright and flashy either. With a matte finish throughout it’s perfect for hunting skittish game without scaring them away with flashes of light off a shiny barrel. This rifle was simply designed to help you have a successful hunt.


You can pick up this rifle, today, at the McQueeney Gun Club for $764.29.


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McQueeney Gun Club


I’ve been contemplating what to say about this place. I guess a simple introduction is in order. The McQueeney Gun Club is a phenomenon waiting to appear. I’m not being sarcastic, nor am I exaggerating. MGC will take the south centeral Texas area by storm.

Sure there are other ranges in the area. There are also places to buy a quality firearm. None of them are places you would want to go hang out at, have a good conversation in the lounge, spend an hour on the range, and have your rifle camouflaged with Cerakote.

McQueeney Gun Club is exactly that kind of space. It is a local family owned business with more years of experience between the staff than any place I’ve set foot in. Several of the staff are also veterans.

The range is run by actual RSO’s. What’s significant about that? A “range officer” can be anyone off the street. A RSO (range safety officer) has taken 9hrs of training and is certified by the NRA. These guys also make up the gun clubs training Cadre.

There will be a host of NRA courses and even first aid/CPR.

The show floor will sport a 500 gun inventory. If you can imagine it MGC will more than likely have it. If they don’t I’m sure the staff will be able to special order it. There will also be a healthy supply of gear waiting for you to take it home.

McQueeney Gun Club will be the only club in the area with a full gunsmith shop on the premises. Not only that but yours truly will be manning the helm in the shop. What does that mean for you? Plenty of interesting projects to write about.

Stand by for more awesomeness.

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