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Preparedness Network


One bullet point of preparedness is having a strong network. That means a group of friends and family willing to work together in a crisis. Think about filling all the bases.

Mechanics to keep vehicles running.
A doctor, nurse, or some type of medic to keep you alive.
Someone that knows how to grow a garden.
Plenty of shooters for protection.
Someone has to hunt, skin, and keep the group in meat.

If your plan is to stay in the city some jobs may very but the spirit of the law remains. Put your network together with care and know that in the worst situations that you have fewer things to worry about.

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Amateur Convoy (Sorry, goofed up and lost it. This is to replace it.)

I’ve been thinking about this the last couple days. There’s plenty of us out there that don’t have military convoy ops training much less the protective detail training that security contractors get. There’s a lot of us out there may be thinking about getting out of town before a natural disaster or just bugging out with family friends in some other SHTF scenario.

Well, without going to an expensive school what do we do?The most important thing is to have a plan. We always talk about how we’re going to meet up with close, trusted friends and family but rarely take it any further.There’s a lot of things to take into account.

1. Will we have to pick a rally point within city limits?
2. How many vehicles will be involved?
3. If still in the city, how far till you hit open roads?
4. Are there ways to stay off freeways that could already be jammed?
5. Will you run into roadblocks?

I believe the best way to look at it is to set a rally point that’s as close to everyone as possible. If possible make it the home of one of the group. Once everyone is there the biggest part of your plan is ready to take off.Only you know your situation so I won’t tell you how to make your plan. That being said I do have some suggestions about what to keep in mind.

1. Plan to stick together. If other cars are able to cut in between your group then group members are goingPlan for trafficto get lost in the shuffle. Don’t let that happen.
2. Where possible adhere to traffic traffic laws. Drawing unwanted attention from law enforcement will only slow you down. Don’t worry, though, there will be plenty of time to put the peddle to the metal.
3. There may come a time when it’s time to fly. You will need to be able to make your way through traffic without causing crashes. Plan to have vehicles slow down enough to block traffic so family vehicles can get through. Protective vehicles can leapfrog back to original positions afterwards.
4. Plan for a means of communication. Group call on your smart phone (don’t rely on this alone because the cell towers could be out in a natural disaster) or walkie talkies.

The bug out convoy method isn’t as important as having it be a part of the plan as well as a backup plan.Use this as a starting point and you’ll be on your way to being better prepared.

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Bomber Safety

The question has been floating around over the weekend of, “what could we have done to keep ourselves safe from something like a bomb in public?”

Truth is, not much on our end. Could someone have been situationally aware enough to notice someone dropping a backpack and walking away? Sure. Could you have done anything before they set the bomb off? You could have saved a few.

To do anything substantial we need to do something on a national scale. The way it stands our highest levels of government apparently has no interest in doing what it takes to keep us safe. This just would take a change of the executive office. A change to someone that took border security seriously. Someone that knows enough not to give individuals on the Terror Watch List student visa’s.

The key to being safe from bomb attacks is to not allow these type of people in the country in the first place. The whole point of a terror attack is to make it a surprise in a public place. It’s too difficult to see these surprise attacks coming so being proactive and having it start with immagration is the only place we can really start.

Have a sudden sense of relief? Yeah, me either.

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I read a great article shared by Rob Pincus today. I’ve been thinking a lot about the same things written about and thought I’d expand on them a little.

Events like the Boston Bombing forces us all to reflect on what we’re doing with regards to our own safety. It just so happens that I was in the middle of updating our situational awarenesstraining program when all of this started. So I had safety issues already rolling around my mind.

The first time I was introduced to Situational Awareness was from one of my Gunnies at boot camp. He didn’t label it a such but I know now what he meant. His lesson simple. He had the platoon sit around him in the barracs. He told us about how he conducted himself at the local bars. He related that the first thing he does upon entering the establishment is locate all the exits. This would give him options if things got out of hand. Better to get out of the crowded room when drunken idiots start a brawl.

Next thing he would do is order a beer. This got some muffled cheers from the other recruits. The Gunny quickly added that he didn’t drink. I know now that since he was in California he wouldn’t be carrying a concealed firearm. He told us that the beer was basically a weapon in disguise.

Once those two things were taken care of he would always sit where he could see both the exits and a wide range of the room. This gave him the ability to see a problem before it started.

There’s a series of valuable self defense lesson to be learned from this story.

Situational-Awareness1. Realize a couple of things. Humans are failable beings. The other is evil exists. If you disregard either one you will set your self up for a surprise attack.

2. Always have a plan. Whether it’s the movies or the grosery store always enter with an idea of what you would do if something goes wrong. Since the situation will very, so should the plan.

3. Should plan “A” fail always have a backup plan. Whether it’s looking like you are there to drink, when you don’t touch the stuff, just to have an improvised weapon or something else…have that decision made ahead of time.

4. Make the decision to remain aware of what’s going on around you. Whether that means you sit with your back to the wall (taking away everyone’s ability to come around behind you), or making sure you have a wide field of view from where you stop in a store is your decision. The main point to make here is to simply be aware of your suroundings. You will never see every situation coming but you can minimalize the shock of it by being aware of what’s going on around you.

Before the Boston Bombing we had what should have been a happy occasion. People were crossing the finish line. It was a chance to celebrate. Not even the most situationally aware could have foreseen a bomb going off, muchless two. I promise you that there were individuals in the crowd that “had their ears to the ground”. The first to rush to the aid of the injured had to have had these lessons in mind, been aware, and was therefore mentally prepared to rush in if the need should arise.

Take the lessons of the heros of the Boston Bombing and that of the Gunny and be better prepared for the worst. My hopes, however, go with you that you will be prepared and find nothing but peace.

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Needs better add copy

There’s a sponsor of The Blaze network that I have to say something about and it’s not to one you think. Other than the fact that they advertise on The Blaze I’m not going to use their name. They do some pretty great training in the hand to hand realm. It’s their add I have troubles with.

Here’s the problem. They are trying to inform you that if you are relying on a firearm (not to include extensive training) for your defense along you are a chump. With gun free zones he’s correct. The way they wrote it shows the amature behind the add copy (or script). They are trying to tell you that you need to know how to defend yourself even when you have no other choice than to be without a gun. There are also times when it’s inappropriate to use a firearm.

The way the they say that makes you think that you’re a nut for wanting to arm yourself. They state the fact that they can put the “close range destructive” as a firearm without having to carry one.

Now, the stuff they teach is absolutely devastating. I’ll give them that. The problem with that is that if someone is standing 25ft away spraying the room with a shotgun…your close range destructive force has no meaning. You can’t even reach the enemy so their add copy is miss leading.

It’s my fear that some uninformed person will hear that and say to themselves, “hey, this guy teaches Navy SEALS. I learn that and I will never have use for a gun. Now I know that they aren’t trying to misinform anyone but the neive among us will take that as gospel and end up getting hit in the crossfire.

The fact of the matter is, you need to know and be trained in both. You need to know how to fight or take a beating. Simply because the guy in front of you is a better fighter doesn’t mean you can shoot him. If he poses a threat of death or serious bodily harm…sure, fire away. But if he only means to kick your ass…you’re going to fight better or get your ass kicked.

If you have a choice between an anti gun restaurant, theater, ect or one that simply doesn’t stand in the way of you defending yourself then make a better choice. At the end of the day…you need to know both hand to hand as well as how to fight with a gun. A well rounded defense is the only real defense. Let’s not accedently mislead the public to make a buck though.

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Letting Down Our Young Men

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now because I have an eight year old boy. Every culture in history has had a Rite of Passage. Something to accomplish or ceremony to go through to let a young man know he is now a man in the eyes of society. It comes with the responsibility of adulthood as well as the privileges of starting a family of your own and being part of the fraternity of men.

In today’s world we have nothing like that. We have youths trying to act like they’re a man even though they have never had a father figure. Their act ends up being a poor representation of a man. They perpetuate that the sins of their fathers and tear down the fabric of society.

So that brings me back to my own sons. Some would say its earning your Eagle Scout. I had Scout leaders that had no interest in actual scouting. Leaders that were Eagle Scouts themselves and wouldn’t touch what we were actually there for. So I have a distrust of scouting. If the assigned leaders have no interest in motivating the boys to accomplish anything they are totally useless. So for me scouting is out. It’s not something that has been large enough to have the entire nation identify it as a Rite of Passage anyway.

So, here we are again.

History has seen the Spartans, you spent from the time you were a boy training for manhood. At the age of 18 you were inducted into the army and were now a man. Well, that doesn’t work for us because we have a voluntary military.

The Vikings were another one. You were allowed to go on raiding missions at the point of manhood.

Our culture is producing an ever increasingly soft group of older boys. Notice I did not call them men. I meant it that way. In the wake of not having something set in stone our inner city boys are seeking our a right of passage on their own. Many look to the gangs because there is something to accomplish to be inducted. Then they are a part of something. It’s not something good but it’s something for them to grasp on to.

Not having a Rite of Passage leaves us with a gaping hole in our culture. One I would like a solution to. I think it has to start in our own families. Fathers must find a way to pass manhood on to his own boys and eventually it will spread into the community and groups will form on their own. Groups that agree with a specific rite or ritual and becoming a man will have meaning again. I haven’t figured out what that solution is for my sons yet. I would love to hear ideas from all of you.


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CCW Hero

Heroes follow their training…you don’t have a clear shot, don’t take it.

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