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Sheepdog…or something better

I don’t know why I’ve never thought of this before. But leave it to the Ogre to come up with something of greatness.

Now that you’ve had a chance to read his post I have some to add to it.

I was always a little skeptical of the term “Sheepdog” to describe the average American guardian. Now I’m not talking about the police or military. The term actually fits IrishWolfhound01them fairly well. They have the outward job of both protecting and leadership that defines the Sheepdog. But Lieutenant Colonel Grossman is the man that came up with the term and we don’t mess with Grossman because of the wealth of knowledge he is to the community. That’s all great and good but it’s not who I am. I spent my short but meaningful time in the military but that was over many years ago. I’m not a police officer either. So it’s a stretch of the term that we have all allowed ourselves. We’ve all tried to fit ourselves into the mold.

If you take a look at the image of the Wolfhound I think it fits us much better. Here’s some of my thinking why…when the wolves come knocking on my door IUgoodasbigor to menace my family they will no longer know the meaning of the word “wolf”. When the Wolf knocks…and the Wolfhound knocks back, the wolf usually pisses himself and runs. We train to be the guardians of our selves, our families, our communities, and our nation. Sure, police and military are still there and they are not to be trifled with. However, when the American Wolfhound’s wrath becomes necessary, God have mercy on their souls because we won’t. That’s the difference. The Sheepdog is a working dog. A protector. The Wolfhound was bred to be that guardian that used to hunt the wolf…not to care for the sheep.1-dsc_0759

This is what I believe we train for. It’s not to herd the flock. We train for that small eventuality when the Wolf comes knocking and we the Wolfhound is prepared to knock back in defense of our families. Whether we fight alone or the time comes that we are unified against the common enemy, the outcome is the same. So use the term with pride. I AM AN AMERICAN WOLFHOUND.

bumpersticker_american copy-500x500


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Manhunt for the Bomb Suspects

I have just a couple things to say about what’s going on today in the manhunt for the final bomb suspect. I have to be critical here and I hope don’t offend any law enforcement involved because I think these guys are heros.

First off, they have Watertown on lockdown. I understand this reaction. It’s both good an bad, like everything in this world. You see if the flock is in danger you pin them up so they are all in one place and you have one area to protect. This also makes them easy pickings of there are more than one wolf endangering them because you can only fight off so many at a time.

So having “Sheeple” on lockdown does the same thing. The streets are clear which makes it easier for the “Sheepdogs” to do their jobs. It’s a lot easier to find someone running the streets if the streets aren’t crowded. It’s a simple tactic.

It also further endangers the flock. How you ask? Well, you have an entire city full of people locked inside their homes without guards. The Sheepdogs are all out running the streets looking for the wolf. This gives the wolf a chance to kick in a locked door and do bodily harm to the Sheeple inside because they’re pinned up and vulnerable.

Now, what would I do differently? This one I really don’t know because there really aren’t a lot of options here. Either you have crowds people for the suspect to hide in, schools for him to possibly blow up, or you suspend civil liberties for the duration of the manhunt. My heart goes out to the law enforcement of Watertown. They have a very difficult job to do and really only one way to do it.

If this was happening here what would I do personally? I wouldn’t do a lot different. I would keep my kids home from school. I would never be more than five feet from a weapon and would have multiple with me. I may even see that my family (if there was time to organize this) go to a trusted friend outside of the city while gathering a few other trusted friends to Crusader HQ. I have the unique responsibility to make sure that none of the weapons I happen to be working on fall into the hands of the wolf. However, to be completely truthful, I don’t like those options either. This is a really tough situation.

Lastly all I can really say is this….GET HIM BOYS. Find this bastard and give him a double tap for me.


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Letting Down Our Young Men

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now because I have an eight year old boy. Every culture in history has had a Rite of Passage. Something to accomplish or ceremony to go through to let a young man know he is now a man in the eyes of society. It comes with the responsibility of adulthood as well as the privileges of starting a family of your own and being part of the fraternity of men.

In today’s world we have nothing like that. We have youths trying to act like they’re a man even though they have never had a father figure. Their act ends up being a poor representation of a man. They perpetuate that the sins of their fathers and tear down the fabric of society.

So that brings me back to my own sons. Some would say its earning your Eagle Scout. I had Scout leaders that had no interest in actual scouting. Leaders that were Eagle Scouts themselves and wouldn’t touch what we were actually there for. So I have a distrust of scouting. If the assigned leaders have no interest in motivating the boys to accomplish anything they are totally useless. So for me scouting is out. It’s not something that has been large enough to have the entire nation identify it as a Rite of Passage anyway.

So, here we are again.

History has seen the Spartans, you spent from the time you were a boy training for manhood. At the age of 18 you were inducted into the army and were now a man. Well, that doesn’t work for us because we have a voluntary military.

The Vikings were another one. You were allowed to go on raiding missions at the point of manhood.

Our culture is producing an ever increasingly soft group of older boys. Notice I did not call them men. I meant it that way. In the wake of not having something set in stone our inner city boys are seeking our a right of passage on their own. Many look to the gangs because there is something to accomplish to be inducted. Then they are a part of something. It’s not something good but it’s something for them to grasp on to.

Not having a Rite of Passage leaves us with a gaping hole in our culture. One I would like a solution to. I think it has to start in our own families. Fathers must find a way to pass manhood on to his own boys and eventually it will spread into the community and groups will form on their own. Groups that agree with a specific rite or ritual and becoming a man will have meaning again. I haven’t figured out what that solution is for my sons yet. I would love to hear ideas from all of you.


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