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Have we lost our will….

It seems to me that we may have lost or will to uphold justice in this country. Starting with the Kennedy we looked at our hired leaders as something akin to royalty. It’s just disturbing. Like most of you I read the headlines and sometimes…I just can’t make it any further fearing that if I read the whole article my head may explode. We have all kinds of crap going on about Benghazi right now. We have the “smoking gun” emails proving a coverup. We have a media that is complicit in that cover up and the guilt goes all the way to the presidency. We have some wiry little douche saying the president wasn’t even in the situation room that night. So who the hell was in charge of the country that night and why was the president deciding to distance himself from any involvement? Did His Highness Barack the first purposely do so do give himself deniability? If that’s the case that implies that they knew more about the situation than they are owning up to. That means they had to know the full situation and advised the president to leave the room so everyone was able to say that Obama wasn’t there the entire time to make decisions.

(Select committee??? What does that even mean? Will it be the same time wasting crap as the IRS investigation which has gone on for far too long and nothing is really accomplished. If so…what’s the point of doing that in this case. Let’s let investigators gather the evidence and then present it to congress for a decision of where to go with it next.)

Then we add in the fact that we are the ones that armed Al Qaeda in the area in the first place. It may have been for overthrowing their government but, let’s face it, you armed a terrorist group that we happen to be fighting all over the region. YOU ARMED THE ENEMY! Do I really need to say more here?

The plain and simple truth here is that we have criminals in the White House. We don’t need any more councils or time wasting bull crap. It’s time to have the FBI do what they are supposed to do. Investigate crime on a federal level. Let them investigate the crimes that have taken place. Everyone shies away from the big scary words but we need to learn whether or not the crimes committed by the current administration, and the leaders directing it, are guilty of treason. If they are then we owe it to our founders, our children, and the rest of the world to show that we will hold criminals responsible for their actions. If we were talking about you or I they wouldn’t hesitate to make an example of us. Do the investigation, know beyond a shadow of a doubt, and then act accordingly.

It’s time we stop holding our elected leaders up as royalty. They are normal people hired to do a job for the country. That’s it. If they are guilty (and I stress that this must be brought to trial and stay within the law) then they must be held responsible for their crimes under the law.


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Just Bothers Me…

There’s…too much going on in the news these days. Enough that makes you want to cry out in rage or form a protest march something. Only thing is that no one does anything about it, including me. I think there has been such an upsurge that we are all desensitized by the time the next .gov outrage comes around. That’s not an excuse just an open ended statement. It simply is….

Look, we have Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS targeting, BLM, MSNBC, and whatever else you can think of sitting around unsolved. We have a president booted over wire tapping a hotel room but years later we have some worthless nobody in our White House that essentially wire tapped the entire country and still sits in office because to say anything against him would be “racist”.

I call Bullshit on the whole thing, America!

Any time you send in a couple hundred heavily armed men to collect grazing fees……Let’s just come out with it, if the courts says he owes the money, fine, pay it. BUT DON’T SEND ARMED THUGS TO COLLECT A DEBT. Put a lean on the guys place and end up owning his property….done, now wasn’t that easy? But no, we’d much rather spend three times as much as we believe the guy owes to send in BLM troops and contract cowboys. Does that even make sense?

You know the one that really has me pissed today, though? We have THIS case out of Wisconsin. Now it may seem like a minor thing, compared to the above scandals, until you consider what we’re doing to the next generation of Americans. Playing Cops and Robbers is demonized…not to mention Cowboys…and Indians. All harmless child’s play that helped shape out sense of right and wrong, not so long ago.

The truly disturbing part of this, one of many I might add, is that there was an adult stupid enough to call the cops and tell them that there was a gun battle going on. Seriously…do Nerf guns not come in bright enough colors? Do they even look like real guns? Maybe the douchenugget that called it in has just watched too many SyFi movies…I don’t know….but it takes a serious lack of brain cells to call in a gun battle on your front lawn when no actual gun fire can be heard, the guns are florescent yellow, looking like something out of Star Trek, and NO ONE IS DYING after being hit 47+ times to the head and torso. You would think there would be a red flag, a spark of common sense, or freaking something to tell that limp appendaged waist of their daddy’s erection that these couldn’t possibly be real guns.

Does the story end there? Hell no. It would make too much sense for the cops that arrive on scene to tell this uninformed individual that he’s freaking retarded and to get a change in his meds…or quit getting so damn stoned. No we couldn’t be talking about a decent cop like that. We have to have another report of a jackwagon with a badge. Charging high school kids with Disturbing the Peace….because of Nerf guns. Is this the caliber of people departments are highering these days?  “Yeah, him…the one with the .00359 I.Q….yeah, we’ll take him.”

Are you freaking kidding me America. This is supposed to be the land of the FREE because of the Brave….not the land of doucherocket because of the stupid. Wisconsin should be coming unglued right now. There’s no way these kids were disturbing the peace. Having seen that I would have thought America was making a comeback and ran out there with my son, with more Nerf guns, and joined in.

Wake up America. You’re allowing these worthless piles of Sasquatch excrement to flush your country. Don’t just sit there yelling at the TV, get pissed enough to get off you ass and do something about it because if you don’t…the only way to rescue the Constituti0n is with bullets and blood…and no one wants that…NO ONE.

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Zimmerman and the Aftermath

Ok, I have to get in on this. I’ve been trying not to but I can’t keep silent any longer. Needless to say, I’m thrilled for Mr Zimmerman. He was a victim of caring about his neighborhood. The man was on the neighborhood watch in a crime ridden area. Did he sit on his couch and, figuratively, give his block the bird? Nope. He made sure he could defend his home and then set out to help others. The man should be commended but instead the President of the United States is speaking out against him.

The media, the president, and the Jesse Jackson crowd have turned this into a racial issue where there wasn’t one. It’s become a “Get Whitie” parade. Has anyone even told999032_447355755372020_1313739665_n these morons that Zimmerman is Hispanic? Is there anyone even attempting to have a little common sense? Not on the left. They even insulted the man by calling him a “white hispanic”. What the hell is that about?

For the worthless left wing, I’ll say this once…so pay attention. This is NOT a racial issue.

Like many of you, I’ve read the comments of the pro-Trayvon  protestors. Sorry, but not being a bigot and looking at all people like they are….people….and not a skin color alone is enough. How about you get off your lazy asses and do something with your lives. The only one holding you back is you. You get treated with the respect you EARN.

That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Now, let’s get to the real heart of this issue. This has nothing to do with anything the mainstream media is telling you about. This is a self protection issue, plain and simple. This isn’t about Trayvon or Zimmerman. This is about whether a man has the right to stand up to the crime in his neighborhood, do so within the confines of the law, and if needed protect his life.

Did Zimmerman have the right to patrol his neighborhood? Yes. Did he have the right to carry a gun? Yes. Did he have the right to tell some punk kid to get away from his ZIMMERMAN-SMILING-600x417neighbor’s homes? Yes. Did he have the right to, and was it legal to, shoot a kid bashing in his brains? YES. These are the only issues of this case. It doesn’t matter how much pigment is in anyone’s skin. According to Florida law Zimmerman did absolutely nothing wrong, he never should have been put in jail, and this never should have went to trial.

The fact of the matter is that you have the God given right to protect yourself. This isn’t governed by race, creed, or sexual orientation. None of that crap matters. Every human being deserves the right to defend themselves from harm. They deserve to protect the ones they love or even perfect strangers from harm. When you have a pot-head of any age and any skin color trying to bash your head in…you have the natural right to protect yourself even to the point of bloodshed.

This case is about the right to guard your life. The media portrayed Trayvon as a teenager out for a snack. What they refuse to tell you is that there was THC in his system. That means the kid was either high or had been earlier. We all know that dope does mellow you out….but also makes you paranoid. So we have a paranoid kid trying to stay out of the rain and a well meaning guy too stupid to stay in his car. It’s a recipe for disaster.

When did the advent of civil rights change to mean that because you’re black that you deserve special rights that only the white man doesn’t get? Everything I learned about Martin Luther King said that he wanted men to be judged by WHO they are, not what color their skin is. I think he would roll over in his grave if he knew what was going on today. He wanted the black community to be able to retain dignity as human beings and not be down trodden because of having more pigment in their skin than another man. Having his daughter call the Zimmerman verdict “it’s ’63 all over again”….I think he would be ashamed. He wouldn’t have wanted a guilty verdict on an innocent man simply because the case also included a black kid. I would even go as far as to say that had there been a guilty verdict it would have been a national tragedy for civil rights because if all men don’t have equal civil rights then none of us have them. I would have said that in ’63 and I’m saying it now. If only a privileged class has civil rights then they don’t exists.

Look, do I think Zimmerman did everything right? No. What no one outside of the firearm community realizes it but Zimmerman was being tried in two courts. Both of his peers. One, in a court of law. The other in the eyes of the shooter’s community. As far as how Florida law is written…he did nothing wrong. However, in the court of his shooting peers…he’s guilty of stupidity. We’re just lucky that they haven’t made stupidity illegal…yet.

Let’s do our homework, let’s get training, and know we’re legally in the right if we ever have to defend ourselves. My hope for all of you…is to NEVER need to use your training. Stay safe.


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Ask Gundoc


Yes…for this one I an resurrecting the first graphic I made for this blog back in 2007.

Recently I was asked by Politics and Guns podcast to have a regular spot on the show. What is it, you ask? To do exactly what I am most qualified to talk about. It’s your chance to ask questions of the world famous Gundoc. All questions will be addressed…to a point. Nothing dirty….I know everyone wants a piece of the Gundoc but let’s keep on topic here.

So I’m asking you, my personal audience, to email Brian with any gun or gunsmithing questions you may have. We will make this a weekly spot as long as we have questions coming in…and as long as we come up with worthwhile topics to speak on. I would really like this to be a permanent thing but that depends on all of you. I have a blast putting these spots together and want to keep it up so let’s hear it folks. Hit me with your best questions.

Send your questions and feedback (I’m a feedback-monger so let me know what you think of the spot) to Brain’s email ( and we’ll rock a podcast spot just for you.

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Is the Media Coming Around???

The question needs to be asked. For the last 5+ years we’ve been pounding the pulpit trying to get their attention. Now with the IRS scandal coming out we have some of the liberal media questioning their own stance. First off…I love it. It’s about freaking time but is it enough to wake them up? Take a look;

Even Piers Morgan? The British backstabber actually starting to see a crack in his logic. So, let’s hear it…are we seeing a small wake up? I’m really hoping so. I won’t get my hopes up too high but it seems like they are at least asking themselves some questions. If they will do these things to certain groups should I really trust them with my rights? Once again it’s about time they stopped regurgitating the talking points and did their jobs. After all it’s the job of the media to ask questions and report findings of those questions. Not to get too excited but I think we may be seeing a small ray of sunshine.

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Stupidity of the Left on Gun Control

Breitbart has an article out that I have to comment on. I didn’t even get past the headline without blood shooting out of my eyes. Yes the duct tape is firmly wrapped around my head just to keep from exploding.

The face of Stupidity

The face of Stupidity

Here’s the thing Sen. Boxer, known anti-gun wacko, thinks that bringing our guns on camping trips is a “national security threat”. I really don’t have any clean words about that statement. Not a single one.

Senator, I have a wake up call for you. Terrorists, by nature, aren’t concerned with the law. If they want to take out a dam they aren’t going to do so regardless of what anyone thinks. Targeting a bunch of families camping and target shooting isn’t the way you fight terrorism. Sen. Boxer…you don’t have a clue. The stupidity of your statements are mind boggling. You can’t keep calling law abiding citizens the problem without repercussions. Unfortunately, I don’t think the people voting you into office have any more working brain cells than you do. So I’ll just say this…until you educate yourself about terrorist tactics and the difference between those and the common family that enjoys shooting…just zip it. You’re just making a jackass of yourself and we’re tired of hearing it.

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Photo shoot locations

I’m in the middle of trying to find a good location to get some photos of our rifles. It’s not only time to update the website but to get some uniformity with the pictures.

There’s only one problem…I’m really picky. I know the look I want. I know the emotion I want to invoke. Finding a location that fits that is the problem.

Any suggestions on who to contact or of locations you think would look great, please let me know.

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