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Zimmerman and the Aftermath

Ok, I have to get in on this. I’ve been trying not to but I can’t keep silent any longer. Needless to say, I’m thrilled for Mr Zimmerman. He was a victim of caring about his neighborhood. The man was on the neighborhood watch in a crime ridden area. Did he sit on his couch and, figuratively, give his block the bird? Nope. He made sure he could defend his home and then set out to help others. The man should be commended but instead the President of the United States is speaking out against him.

The media, the president, and the Jesse Jackson crowd have turned this into a racial issue where there wasn’t one. It’s become a “Get Whitie” parade. Has anyone even told999032_447355755372020_1313739665_n these morons that Zimmerman is Hispanic? Is there anyone even attempting to have a little common sense? Not on the left. They even insulted the man by calling him a “white hispanic”. What the hell is that about?

For the worthless left wing, I’ll say this once…so pay attention. This is NOT a racial issue.

Like many of you, I’ve read the comments of the pro-Trayvon  protestors. Sorry, but not being a bigot and looking at all people like they are….people….and not a skin color alone is enough. How about you get off your lazy asses and do something with your lives. The only one holding you back is you. You get treated with the respect you EARN.

That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Now, let’s get to the real heart of this issue. This has nothing to do with anything the mainstream media is telling you about. This is a self protection issue, plain and simple. This isn’t about Trayvon or Zimmerman. This is about whether a man has the right to stand up to the crime in his neighborhood, do so within the confines of the law, and if needed protect his life.

Did Zimmerman have the right to patrol his neighborhood? Yes. Did he have the right to carry a gun? Yes. Did he have the right to tell some punk kid to get away from his ZIMMERMAN-SMILING-600x417neighbor’s homes? Yes. Did he have the right to, and was it legal to, shoot a kid bashing in his brains? YES. These are the only issues of this case. It doesn’t matter how much pigment is in anyone’s skin. According to Florida law Zimmerman did absolutely nothing wrong, he never should have been put in jail, and this never should have went to trial.

The fact of the matter is that you have the God given right to protect yourself. This isn’t governed by race, creed, or sexual orientation. None of that crap matters. Every human being deserves the right to defend themselves from harm. They deserve to protect the ones they love or even perfect strangers from harm. When you have a pot-head of any age and any skin color trying to bash your head in…you have the natural right to protect yourself even to the point of bloodshed.

This case is about the right to guard your life. The media portrayed Trayvon as a teenager out for a snack. What they refuse to tell you is that there was THC in his system. That means the kid was either high or had been earlier. We all know that dope does mellow you out….but also makes you paranoid. So we have a paranoid kid trying to stay out of the rain and a well meaning guy too stupid to stay in his car. It’s a recipe for disaster.

When did the advent of civil rights change to mean that because you’re black that you deserve special rights that only the white man doesn’t get? Everything I learned about Martin Luther King said that he wanted men to be judged by WHO they are, not what color their skin is. I think he would roll over in his grave if he knew what was going on today. He wanted the black community to be able to retain dignity as human beings and not be down trodden because of having more pigment in their skin than another man. Having his daughter call the Zimmerman verdict “it’s ’63 all over again”….I think he would be ashamed. He wouldn’t have wanted a guilty verdict on an innocent man simply because the case also included a black kid. I would even go as far as to say that had there been a guilty verdict it would have been a national tragedy for civil rights because if all men don’t have equal civil rights then none of us have them. I would have said that in ’63 and I’m saying it now. If only a privileged class has civil rights then they don’t exists.

Look, do I think Zimmerman did everything right? No. What no one outside of the firearm community realizes it but Zimmerman was being tried in two courts. Both of his peers. One, in a court of law. The other in the eyes of the shooter’s community. As far as how Florida law is written…he did nothing wrong. However, in the court of his shooting peers…he’s guilty of stupidity. We’re just lucky that they haven’t made stupidity illegal…yet.

Let’s do our homework, let’s get training, and know we’re legally in the right if we ever have to defend ourselves. My hope for all of you…is to NEVER need to use your training. Stay safe.


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A Little Informal Training

This past weekend I hosted an informal carbine training course. It was just a few friends and of course the Crusader training team there. The spot we picked in imagethe being a great place to hold such course. While the shooting bays that we wanted were packed full by the time we got there that morning we ended up heading on the back side of the hill to spot the mentor needs a whole lot better. Now we know other people know about this spot because of old campfire rings and such but as far as shooting, it’s really a fairly vacant spot. Because of this we have dubbed it Crusader’s semi super secret training location.

A couple of them in attendance, a husband and wife IDPA team, were both new


to AR-15 shooting as well as both having new Crusader AR-15’s. It was great to see fairly new shooters coming to a class so open to learning. They truly came as the empty vessels. Because of this we the course very basic and built on the skills they already had from IDPA. If there’s anything in instructor enjoys more at a course it’s having students that have a foundation to build from more also willing to take all the instruction they can get. It’s from students like these that you will always see the most improvement from. And that was absolutely the case here.

You know his voice from Politics and Guns Podcast

You know his voice from Politics and Guns Podcast

It’s also enjoyable to watch the students to come to the course already knowing a lot about their carbine and simply need some fine-tuning. We had a shooter that

worked the reset on the trigger very well and very quick but is grouping was more like a shotgun pattern to begin with. After covering a little about speed versus accuracy he really settled down into some nice groups. On a defensive rifle being fast is absolutely important, but if you’re so fast that

your hits are scattered than your running past your abilities. Fortunately, 15 minutes of instruction and you can solve that problem in most shooters.

One of our local IDPA greats.

One of our local IDPA greats.

This being an informal course

we took a lot more time than you would normally. We just took it easy and had fun with it. Even though this was in a hard-core class they really made some great improvements. We saw the perfectionist bull’s-eye shooter speed up and get some actual defensive speed. We also saw the one leaning towards “spray and pray” slow down and get some


Carefully loading mags is our other IDPA shooter.

great defensive groups.

The real challenge came with our left-handed shooter. She did very well but had some obvious hardships to overcome shooting a right-handed weapon for the first time. That’s right she was there the course with her brand-new Crusader rifle. Naturally it ran as well-known as fast as she wanted to. The only malfunctions came from babying the bolt forward instead of letting the buffer spring do its job. Naturally about problems quickly solved.

It's time to rock...

It’s time to rock…

All in all I have to say this was a great day at the range. But then what day busting caps isn’t great? We got to watch good shooters become even better and we all had fun doing it. I even got to watch my daughter call out some stages. What better day could it have been?

A little instruction from the firing line.

A little instruction from the firing line.

Taken by my 9yr old. Not quite sure what she was going for in this shot but the kid has talent.

Taken by my 9yr old. Not quite sure what she was going for in this shot but the kid has talent.


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Dry Fire Practice

Dry fire is an essential part of any practice routine. Now I say that with a disclaimer. Dry fire must be used in the correct context. This is not a training technique for adding accuracy, although accuracy will follow. Using this for anything other than what it’s meant for will result in not getting everything possible out of it.

Dry Fire is a confidence builder. Every time you dry fire you get a controlled test field where you can see how you handle the basics without the distraction of recoil. Sight picture, trigger control, grip, and even stance can all be practiced anywhere. Doing so will build confidence in the form of realizing that you had all the basics under control and therefore would have hit your target.

Snap caps are great for dry fire practice and other dry drills. Everyone should have a package of them for any pistol you intend to carry.

Snap caps are great for dry fire practice and other dry drills. Everyone should have a package of them for any pistol you intend to carry.

You will also notice what went wrong. You will see even a small jerk. You will notice if your finger is pushing or pulling on the trigger so you can know what position to keep your finger at. You will see everything you need to correct.

As an example, I used dry fire at this past years MAG-40. The range staff always runs through the shooting qualification before the students. I wanted to make sure I could perform adequately. Gaining the confidence I needed I actually improved my score from the year before.

Here’s a decent resource to help you with dry fire practice.

(SAFETY NOTE) Dry fire practice must happen in a controlled environment. For proper safety always keep your ammunition in a separate room.  Snap caps are always useful. As important as dry fire practice is…doing so safely is even more important. Safety first.

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Changes at Crusader

There is going to be some big unexpected changes around here. They aren’t changes I wanted to make but the time has come to face them.

With the loss of our Senior Trainor just over a month away we’ve had a lot of things to consider. What happens to the training program that he spearheaded? Does it die, here on the Wasatch front, or do we continue to carry the torch.

My decision came after a lot of thought. We still have our Concealed Carry instructor. We can build on that and work our way back into the other courses. In doing so we have the opprotunity to make a lot of improvements.

For starters we will expand on the Concealed Carry concepts. We will be adding three courses to do just that. By summer we will be able to move new and more experienced shooters through CCW courses into our new Defensive Mindset course. From there we’ll get them on the range for Basic CCW Concepts and into Advanced Concealed Carry. These are courses I’ve had on the back burner for a while now. It’s time to roll them out.

We’ll be re-adding our other courses as well. Though George is never truly leaving us (he will still have his promotional duties) I think we would do his memory a disservice to let the courses he spearheaded die out. He trained us, his staff, well. It’s time for us to get some practice in teaching and then bring it back to the public. We’ll be taking a close look at everything while we do. If there’s room for imporvement it will be made before it goes public.

So, while we’re all sadened at the loss of our Senior Trainer, his work will go on.

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Needs better add copy

There’s a sponsor of The Blaze network that I have to say something about and it’s not to one you think. Other than the fact that they advertise on The Blaze I’m not going to use their name. They do some pretty great training in the hand to hand realm. It’s their add I have troubles with.

Here’s the problem. They are trying to inform you that if you are relying on a firearm (not to include extensive training) for your defense along you are a chump. With gun free zones he’s correct. The way they wrote it shows the amature behind the add copy (or script). They are trying to tell you that you need to know how to defend yourself even when you have no other choice than to be without a gun. There are also times when it’s inappropriate to use a firearm.

The way the they say that makes you think that you’re a nut for wanting to arm yourself. They state the fact that they can put the “close range destructive” as a firearm without having to carry one.

Now, the stuff they teach is absolutely devastating. I’ll give them that. The problem with that is that if someone is standing 25ft away spraying the room with a shotgun…your close range destructive force has no meaning. You can’t even reach the enemy so their add copy is miss leading.

It’s my fear that some uninformed person will hear that and say to themselves, “hey, this guy teaches Navy SEALS. I learn that and I will never have use for a gun. Now I know that they aren’t trying to misinform anyone but the neive among us will take that as gospel and end up getting hit in the crossfire.

The fact of the matter is, you need to know and be trained in both. You need to know how to fight or take a beating. Simply because the guy in front of you is a better fighter doesn’t mean you can shoot him. If he poses a threat of death or serious bodily harm…sure, fire away. But if he only means to kick your ass…you’re going to fight better or get your ass kicked.

If you have a choice between an anti gun restaurant, theater, ect or one that simply doesn’t stand in the way of you defending yourself then make a better choice. At the end of the day…you need to know both hand to hand as well as how to fight with a gun. A well rounded defense is the only real defense. Let’s not accedently mislead the public to make a buck though.

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CCW Hero

Heroes follow their training…you don’t have a clear shot, don’t take it.

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Gundoc’s Response to the Connecticut Shooting

I have a few things to say but first let me take a second to offer my sympathy and broken heart to the families having to find a way to get through the day after loosing a child to something as horrific as this. I speak for myself as well as all of us at Crusader when I say that out thoughts and prayers are with you.

There is so much to say here. I just hope I don’t forget anything.

First I want to hit on mental health issues. This is a guy that, reports say, shot his father in New Jersey, drove to New Hope Connecticut and killed his mother (possibly with her own weapons as the weapons found at the scene were registered to her), then went to her place of work…an elementary school…was buzzed in and immediately killed the office staff while the mic was on and them giving the morning announcements. It’s then reported that he went to his mother’s class room and killed every student in the room. Somewhere there must have been a red flag. A boss, co-worker, therapist, friend, or church leader saw a red flag. There is such a stigma placed around mental health issues that no one will discuss it. You’re a freak or a wuss if you see a therapist for problems you have in your life. We’re all guilty of either needing to talk out our problems with someone or seeing something that we ignore. With the increase of such murders across the country my solution to this is that we need increased vigilance. Someone knew this kid was about to snap and kept their mouth shut.

As for the shooter himself…what a complete pansie. I don’t know what all this kid has lived through but something tells me that at some point in his life he has been taught right from wrong. Parents of a teacher has taught him that it’s wrong to hurt someone. People live through traumatic lives every day without shooting someone that had nothing to do with their grief. You have issues, direct your anger toward those who cause it. I guarantee that a class full of Kindergarteners didn’t cause him enough pain to warrant being killed for it. So, like any other coward in this world, he takes his anger to a place full of unarmed sheep. He takes out “soft targets” instead of taking the fight to the one’s that deserve it. I know they have to fill in the reports so they’ll use this bastards name. It is my hope (it won’t come true but I can still hope) that they will never show this murder’s face on any form of media. Don’t give this worthless piece of human refuse the lime light he wanted.

There is more to this than most are seeing. This 20yr old kid dressed in black fatigues. This should tell you several things.

  1. This was thought out ahead of time. He planned it to the extent of dressing the part.
  2. When you play a part you dress the part. So this bastard actually thought that these black fatigues embodied who he saw himself as. This is SWAT like gear. It says a lot for his mindset.
  3. It also says who he was trying to be like. He obviously wasn’t issued this gear. He got it at a local store and was using it to boost his self confidence. Read that last sentence again. This kid sees himself without hope and without accomplishments that would lead to self confidence. So he dons the attire of someone who possesses what he does not…BALLS.
  4. Even to himself he was worthless and it disturbed him enough to try to look like someone else.

Politicizing. Yes, even before the bodies are cold we have to deal with politicizing. Obama couldn’t get through his statement without saying that in the coming weeks we needed to take real action, despite the politics. Seriously? You want to say that we need to look into the rise in shootings and how to fix the problems, fine, but don’t say something that will have everyone thinking that you’re looking at a gun ban. NOW IS NOT THE TIME. Voice your sympathy. Tell the victims that you will open the resources of the Federal Government to help in any way possible but don’t wreck a good reaction by making any kind of political statement. I have more to say about this but now…isn’t…the…time.

I have an answer and I am going to call on my fellow trainers, nation wide, to join me in something. We have decided to give our services to Utah teachers. There is one solution that no one has taken seriously. Cowards shoot up schools because they are soft targets. What that means is there is no one there to stop you. You have complete control. You see yourself as god at that place and time. We need a policy change nation wide. Allow the teachers to get training and arm themselves as designated, in school, defense. In other words, you are making the school a “hard target”. No coward will attack a school if they know there are armed and well trained teachers waiting to kill them.

If you are a Utah teacher. Come to me with your teachers ID or something else that shows that you currently work in the Utah school systems we will give you one basic and one advanced pistol course free of charge. We have children in Utah schools and would like to see smart solutions to keep our kids safe. We want to tell Utahns that our schools are NOT soft targets. You walk into our schools with ill intent and you won’t be met by wilting flowers…but with trained men and women and their bullets.


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Training Targets

There are all kinds of targets on the market geared toward helping you gain skill with your firearms. Large targets, small targets, some with different colors and shapes. They’re all great and all needed as accuracy trainers for both beginners and advanced shooters. One thing they don’t do is help you learn to defend yourself.

I’ve done some research into the matter and found that we as trainers are furthering a common misconception. The term “Center Mass” is completely false and should never be used. If you look at actual human anatomy the center of the chest is approximately just above the diaphragm. Take a look at targets used by groups such as IDPA and compare the target against an acutal person and you’ll find the 10x ring at about sternum level. Put your shots there and you miss everything vital.

What we need is a change in targets from time to time. I’ve been looking into the right kind of target for some time now. I admit that the original one I settled on I simply can’t find. It had a normal photo target on one side and the anatomy on the other side. It was perfect. You need to see the target for what it is, a person. I think that is important. You may not want to shoot at this target alone but I do think you need to steel yourself against the possibility of having to defend yourself or others. If you have to defend yourself it would be nice to know where to aim to get the aggressor to stop rather than just inflicting a painful wound and have the bad guy still coming at you or your family.

Now I’m not trying to tell you to make yourself into a well tuned killer. What I’m saying is we need to know how to stop criminal agression as swiftly as possible. The only way to do so is to know where a shot will do the most damage. Now I’m not going to list the vital areas you want to aim for on an internet blog. I don’t need that kind of liability. For that you are going to have to come take a Crusader Firearms Training course. Not because I want you to come pay for the course but because it gives me a way to screen the students. For instance there’s no way I’m going to train a gang banger to be a better criminal.

Here is a link to the type of target I’m thinking of . It has an overlay of correct anatomy and size to let you know where you’re hitting..

As a training aid I suggest you use your usual accuracy training targets for normal practice. Then use the anatomy target as a personal qualifyer once a month or so. Use a couple in a course qualifier. One to show students where they are use to hitting so you have a way to train them on where to hit. Then end with a qualifier with the anatomy target and score it on how well they learned the proper areas to hit.


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New Shotgun Project

I picked up a couple shotguns at the gunshow yesterday. They’re a special project. You see, we’ve been working on adding shotguns to our line up for a while now. Well, I have these two to be our slinky models. I’m going to dress them up, turn them from the hunting 870’s you had in the back of the closet the last few years to be bad ass battle weapons. After a short discussion with George Hill, our Sr. Trainer, about matching parts to our training program we have a shotgun that will match our training style. We’ve been preaching about the versatility of the shotgun for a while now. These are not just a combat pistol range weapon that throws buckshot. Don’t get me wrong. The right buckshot in a 12ga  is a devastating package but a shotgun can be so much more. We’ve decided to go with rifle sighted barrels (imp cyl) on our shotties to better facilitate the combination of long and shot range shooting.

Besides, I was the safety officer for a group of scouts last month. We did some skeet shooting while at the range. Out of all the shotguns there, when it was my turn, I picked the 20″ rifle sighted barrel shotty. I nailed 6 out of 6 on an extremely windy day and (enter puffed chest and swelled head) spanked a Navy Special Warfare officer with a 26″ barreled shotgun. Ok, not exactly the combat shooting both of us were use to but come on…it’s a 6″ disk that you’re throwing tiny bird shot at, at short distances at the local range. Not rocket science or a huge challenge for a combat shooter with proper stance. I actually blame it all on the rifle sights. It was ridiculously easy to draw a bead on clay pigeons. In talking with George he related nailing the 400yd gong with slugs and rifle sights. You get the best of both worlds and let’s face it, (moral of the above story) the easier you make it on yourself the better you’ll preform.

I like the idea of keeping the same grip feel from rifle to shotgun so we have the Speedfeed pistol grip buttstocks on the way. There’s nothing wrong with a synthetic traditional stock but I see value in keeping a certain amount of  familiarity in your long guns.

Naturally, with anything that we do, the real magic happens on the inside of the weapon. Complete action and trigger jobs will be done on these two as well as a basic Slipstream. Everything done to these will be standard kit on our permanent models. I’ll be keeping an ongoing log here as I go with these. More pictures and everything so stay tuned.


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SHTF City Defense

Defense situations in the city, when it all hits the proverbial fan, is a difficult subject. I don’t want to say that those of us in the city are screwed…but it’s not that big of a stretch. I would love to only be dealing with other small town people but city dwellers are a completely different breed. Having lived in both areas I can tell you that the differences are stark and in your face between city and rural people. Let’s start out by covering a few and how to deal with them.

Unless the people you’re around in your city believe in having some type of food storage “just in case” you have a group of people with few self sufficiency skills. They are use to having a fully stocked grocery store every mile or so. When they’re running low on milk they have more than one choice of places to stop on their way home from work. If the supply ran out most would have no idea how to get more. Sure they would go to neighbors and family. Maybe even their church for help. Now what if supply chains are severed and there is no way to refill the grocery stores? Everyone is running low and not willing to share what little they have left. There has been a rush on every grocery store and there’s nothing but empty shelves.  What are you going to do when your children are crying themselves to sleep because of hunger pains at night? It’s a recipe for violence. Don’t discount that. It’s human nature. When our children are suffering it’s in our genes to do whatever it takes to quell the cause of their pain. This is one of those “be advised” moments.

Being in a city now…I know…I know…not ideal for me personally but it gives me insight. People in cities rarely know their own neighbors. Coworkers, and a few people at church or other such activity and that’s about it. I have to admit I’m guilty on all counts when it comes to not knowing my neighbors. Here’s the problem with that. In a city there are just too many people to keep track of. We tend to stick to our small groups and “to hell with the rest”. This can be both a fatal flaw and a blessing. Smaller groups operate easier in urban environments yet can be easily overwhelmed by superior numbers if they aren’t careful and trained to deal with such situations. We’re talking about civilians trying to survive, not a Navy Seal unit.

Another huge disadvantage about cities is something we have all heard about but don’t really know the depths of. Gangs in inner cities are a problem for Law Enforcement and civilians alike the way it is. What do you think would happen if the normal structure of society crumbled? They already have a hierarchical type leadership structure. They have arms and the black market contacts to get better ones not to mention the numbers to overwhelm local gun shops and steal all the guns and ammo they need. What would the inner city look like with the gangs in complete and utter control? Not the control they enjoy now, through fear and intimidation, but complete ownership of territories of the city and all their resources. Territories in constant flux and in constant battle between each other over those resources. In this situation what do you think will be the fate of any woman or teen age girl found? What will their existence be like? I personally fear a world for them filled with rape, violence, and degradation.

Does it sound like some low budget, post apocalyptic movie? Someone had to dream up what the worst case scenario would be for those movies. The big difference here is that it would be your every day waking nightmare.

Now that I’ve scared the crap out of you lets talk solutions.

The key to survival in cities is preparation and prayer that it will never have to be used. Store what food, water, and supplies you can now while it isn’t needed. Wait till it’s needed and it will be too late.

There are several companies out there doing food storage that lasts worry free for 25 years. How perfect is that? If you can’t afford to do their big chunks at a time hit the “case lot sale” at a grocery store and build up little by little. The expiration dates will have to be paid attention to and expired items replaced. It’s a pain but better to not have a closet full of spoiled canned food when you need it.

Medical supplies will be a valuable commodity in the event of a social melt down. Why, because we’ll all be placing ourselves in increasing danger to survive and without new supplies of medicine, bandages, higher (hospital level) medical supplies will run out fast. Don’t let your vaccinations expire. What will happen if you stem on a rusty, sharp, pointy anything and there is no chance of a tetanus shot?

We’ll go into weapon types at a later date but suffice it to say, have them. Have them and train with them so you have confidence with your equipment and in your skills. This is not just for basic protection and brings us back to the gangs. Their numbers in the military are increasing. They do this to gain military training to bring back to the gang. So be aware of this. It may not be a part of every city but realize that there may be some that did their 4 years, got out, and came home to the gang to increase their lethality.

One key point has to be made here. Daily concealed carry is a must. Sure its always a good idea because we never know what will happen to us or what threat we might face but also because SHTF situations are likely to hit when we least expect. The means to fight back to our families may be needed. carrying will be a part of normal life after a melt down so you might as well get use to it now.

Safety in numbers isn’t just a flowery saying. Survival in a city will depend on being part of a group. You will see some side with the gangs because of that. For the rest of us a group will have to be found or founded.

Luckily for church goers you are already part of a group with similar values, you’ve probably done activities together, and have at least weak but buildable bonds. These bonds should be cultivated now so the bond of “brothers in arms” is more easily formed when the time comes.

Better yet, feel out the men at church for a group interested in a martial arts training group. It doesn’t have to be anything formal. You don’t need to wear Gi’s and have a make believe belt system. Just make it a skill builder activity. Someone has to have some experience, naturally, but have fun with it and build those initial “brother warrior” bonds. There is your initial Defense group. Find out if there are any cops in your congregation. They should be interested in this type of group because it gives them trusted people to count on in an emergency. Someone who, in a big crisis they are called away for, can be trusted to see that their family is safe until their return or the possiblillty of no return. They will also have a lot of real world insight to add to your group.

Another aspect churches bring to a SHTF scenerio is the building itself. They are usually large enough to house dislocated families, at least temporary, and they give you a defensible position. The parking lots or lawns surrounding them gives you a “killing field” (enemy enters that area and they should be in someones sights), some have even a small kitchen area to prepare for potlucks (now can be used to feed yourselves), and with your paster, preacher, or bishop you have a support structure ready to help those in need so you can concentrate on defense and securing the essentials.

The one thing you don’t want to do is to go it alone. You will fail unless your plan is to get out of the city. For this plan…plan for it to be a battle. You are all but guaranteed to hit road blocks by law enforcement trying to keep everyone from fleeing in a panic. They’re just trying to do their job but they wont care that you know how to survive in the wild and will probably be more safe because you know what you’re doing. They’re just following orders. So, find a way around them. They aren’t the enemy and should never be harmed but if you’re like me, a country boy stuck in the city, your plan to bug out can’t be allowed to fail. Know the back roads out of town and don’t be afraid to get your 4×4 dirty in the process. At this point roads are for chumps.

Another good choice is a warehouse. They’re typically big enough to house all the families in your group and still pick up stragglers along the way. The buildings, themselves, are sturdy and will likely have valuable materials and tools in them depending on the type of business it use to house.

There may come a time, current sanctuary be dammed, that your group has to leave town. Do so as a caravan and do so armed to the teeth. A good position to take up would be far enough out to be easily defensible but close enough to send out raiding parties for supplies, equipment, and and any food left in the city.

Now I realize that I didn’t go into too much detail. I could just about make an entire post out of each of the above paragraphs. Where do we go from there? Well, that’s a topic for another day.

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