The point I’d like to make here is that firearms are tools. The only difference in a gun and a shovel is it’s intended purpose. Both are deadly in the right or wrong hands.  There are those that would demonize firearms of any kind and I am willing to bet that not a single one of them have ever picked one up. There is nothing menasing about them they can do nothing of their own volition.

There is so much to cover and all the time in the world. This is the mother page for all things firearms. I’ll be covering some aspects of gunsmithing, camouflaging, training, and concealed carry. I hope you enjoy everything.

7 responses to “Firearms

  1. Skip McManus

    Doc, I inherited a 7mm Mauser sporterized very nicely with a “gunsmith” stock.
    I took it to the range after a good inspection and cleaning and shot 10 rounds of 145gr Rem factory’s.
    All 10 of the primers backed out a little and I stopped shooting it.
    Headspace issues? Any way to fix?
    I would hate to make a safe queen out of this sweet shooter,[1″@100].


  2. gundoctor

    Soundslike a headspace issue to me. Have it checked to be sure and don’t shoot it till its fixed. Hot ammo would be another issue except for the fact you were shooting factory stuff. 7mm Mauser is a great round. Get it fixed and have tons of fun with it.
    Thanks for the question.

  3. O'Possum/TX

    If head space is the only issue and there are no other serious problems, you could use it by neck sizing the brass and shooting your own reloads exclusively. You will just have to call it the 7X57 Skip or something as it won’t really be a 7mm Mauser with excessive head space any more with the new name. ;)

    It will be a nice little wildcat that you fire form brass and reload for.

    Have FUN!

  4. Glen

    You are right, a gun is a tool, however, few people get the emotional rush from using a shovel the way we gun people get a rush from using a fine firearm!
    And, IMO, therein lies the big diff. For good and bad.
    Thanx, Glen

  5. robert carlson

    I would perfer a shotgun over a shovel any day . but eventualy the gun control laws will make it so that you can only use a shovel to defend your home . must of the officials have probably never shot a gun or even held a gun
    most people think that a 16 year old should not have guns . i’m 16 and I have three guns ( a 20guage ,a .22 lever rifle ,and a 357. magnum

    • 16! That’s fantastic. You’re a young guy that is being raised right. I’ll pass on all the credit to your parents, of course. Thanks for reading and for sending me a reply.

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