Camo Jobs

I just wanted to post some pictures of my past camo projects and give my background in doing them. I started camouflaging stocks in gunsmithing school. It took many tries to get it the way I wanted it but it was an education. While working with the Department of Energy they started having me camo a little of everything. That’s where I really learned to pay attention to what the gun is meant to blend with and designing my own patterns and the product I prefer-ed to do so with. Since then I’ve applied my knowlege┬áto the private sector and have made some improvements to the patterns. Now I have been honored by Lauer Custom Weaponry, the makers of DuraCoat (my product of choice), by being given the title of “Expert Camo Finisher” and am the only such certified finisher in Utah.

Without any more waiting here are some of my Civilian Jobs.
















Sample picture
Sample picture
Sample picture
Sample picture
Sample picture
Sample picture
Sample picture

22 responses to “Camo Jobs

  1. Jeffery

    I’m looking for a place to buy my weapon paint. I have a Smith & Wesson M4. I need to camo my baby up. Where is a place online or in the US to find the paint?

  2. kevin

    do you have time to camo paint a POF ar15

  3. prescottshooters

    Great looking camo jobs. How much for you to do a M4 ( class 3, short barrel ) and is it a hassle to send you a class 3? Thanks. Gary

  4. The Watchman

    No problem Gary. We’re a class 3 dealer so there’s no with sending your rifle here. The pricing is as follows:

    first color and clear coat- $150
    Each additional color- $50

  5. domingo

    Hey i have a sig 556 and i want to have it dura coated in desert camo how mush would it cost to have a eotech and flip up sight sights painted. i live in Az how much would it cost me to ship it to u, and how long would it take u to do it.

  6. gundoctor

    I’m actually working on a new finish and have put Duracoat on the back burner. We’re working hard to produce the best firearm coating on the market. When finished I would be happy to coat your 556. Pricing will be posted as the new coating completes it’s testing phase.
    Thanks much domingo.

  7. Brian

    just ordered duracoat for the first time. looking forward to using it. only problem was the price. thats why when i painted my ak i just used krylon. i had lots of fun doing it to. not knocking the duracoat but i was just trying to keep the price down on my sheet metal world class weapon. Millions of buyers how could they all be wrong.

  8. Do you have a Facebook fan page for your site?

  9. Brittius

    What beautiful work!

  10. kyle

    How much would u charge me to paint my s&m 9mm dessert camo.and how much to ship it to u

  11. Hunter

    Could you paint my EOTech 512? I have a Daniel Defense M4A1 SOCOM which comes with a FDE (tan) rail and would like my current optic to match it.

    • Sure. Cerakoting it isn’t a problem. The problem is whether or not the FDE they carry will be the same shade as the rail. They could be slightly different. There’s two ways to go about this.
      1. We go into this knowing that the shades might have a little difference to them.
      2. We coat the rail as well so they match perfectly.

      Whatever your decision is hit me with an email and we can get things rolling for you.

  12. kyle lewis

    How long and how much to camo desert storm camo a S&W 9mm chrome top thank you for time

  13. Riley G

    You do excellent work and inspire me to pursure my dream of having my own custom gun camo shop.

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