Full Auto Therapy

The Mcqueeney Gun Club is doing something fun this month and I just had to pass it along.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS:machinggunshoot
The Doctor will be in July 25 and 26 for FULL-AUTO THERAPY!
Come hang out with the TBRC crew at McQueeney Gun Club in New Braunfels for a weekend of fun, raffles, helicopter rides and FULL-AUTO rentals. We will be releasing more info as we get closer, so stay tuned!



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I witnessed one of the greatest acts of gratitude for our troops at work today. A soldier, in uniform, was looking at a range bag. I greeted him on my way by and he told me he wanted to purchase the bag. So I take the bag up to the front for him because he had his hands full. We get up there and immediately a customer walks up and says, “don’t take his money, I’m paying for that.” It was no sooner out of his mouth that another customer says, “I’ll go in halves on that.”

It wasn’t a great deal. It was a $50 bag, not exactly life or death transaction. But these two gentlemen did this just as a thank you to one of our men in uniform. It was an honor to be a part, if only from behind the register, of this act of kindness.

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Video From A Customer

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May 20, 2015 · 9:47 pm

Stevens Falling Block

Had a poor abused .22lr Stevens Falling Block come in the shop yesterday. I dove right in because I love the falling blocks. I’ve wanted one for my kids for a long time…maybe not a Stevens though. This thing had been found in a barn and there was no telling how long it had been there. By the amount of dirt dried on the outside of the barrel and action…it was a long while.

I spent most of the day getting it cleaned up enough to tell what was wrong with it. After a complete strip down, clean, and assembling….the age and abuse was the problem. There just wasn’t enough metal keeping it locked up, it had a non original block pin that was bent and ill fitting, extractor plunger was gone and the spring was rusted in place, and the very uneasy test fire…no go. It didn’t set the round off. In fact the firing pin punched all the way through the rim of the cartridge.

Now the shop doesn’t, yet, have the ability to manufacture new parts so I couldn’t remake almost every part in the gun like it needed. The guy just wanted this thing for his grand-kids to shoot too. What am I going to have to tell him? “Please don’t fire this rifle”.


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The 1911

In 1910 the first .45 caliber pistol passed through the hands of John Moses Browning and became a weapon. By 1911 it was adopted by the entire U.S. Armed Forces. It got us through three wars (I say 3 only because revolvers were still in wide use in WWI but were mostly gone by WWII where we pick up in this article). It has seen service in the humid jungles of the South Pacific, parched deserts of Africa, and frozen stretches of Northern Europe. Few pistols have the reputation of this visual icon or have saved as many warriors when rifles went dry in the heat of battle.
The 1911 has been made by virtually every company out there from mass producers like Remington or STI to custom builders like Wilson Combat or Black Mace Arms. Few, if any, weapons out there have received this kind of following and for good reason. Built properly the 1911 is a powerhouse without equal in the minds of men. You take one look at it and you feel its long history, its venerable reputation as a protector of the person holding it, and the sheer elegance of its design. It evokes a certain level of lust. A lust of power. To hold it is to hold the Grim Reaper in the palm of your hand.

Where am I going with this? Do I really need to go any further? Does the sheer sex appeal of the 1911 really need a reason or a name? Maybe, from time to time, we just need to admit that it exists. Sure there are other .45 caliber pistols out there but none other comes to mind when you simply vocalize the need for a 45. We already know which one you mean becauseā€¦.is there really any other? Really?

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Oh man…..

Ever have one of those mornings where you’re revved up and ready to write about something specific….and by the time the laptop boots up….you can’t remember what that very specific topic was? Yeah, sorry folks. It’s one of those mornings.

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Prepared Are We?

I’ve noticed an unsettling trend here in Texas. No one carries extra magazines when they concealed carry. Even around work where carrying is highly recommended. We’ll have a range from Sig 9mm pocket guns to full size STI’s on hips with no extra mags. All I can do is shake my head. Sure we have extra ammo but do you really think you’ll have time to reload your mag if necessary? And yes, there was that Deputy Sheriff that actually told me, “I just throw a .22 in my pocket if I want to carry”. I had to turn and walk away. That was such a damning comment that I couldn’t look the guy in the eye and remain professional. Now, sure…I don’t want to get shot with a .22 any more than I’d like buckshot to the face. But it my life or the life of others are on the line I sure as hell am not going to go with a .22lr. I’m going to go with the largest caliber that I can control and make good hits with. Heaven forbid that day ever come but if it should I want to be able to put a stop to aggression quickly and move on because, lets face it, wolves hunt in packs so you never know who the next target will be.

I don’t know…I’m just ranting today. Carry on.

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Well Done Sir.

Pissed Off Rednecks  – Jamie Jones: https://youtu.be/FBh6lL6a7gE

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Death in the Brady Campaign

I’m of two minds with this story. Having lost a parent my heart goes out to the grieving family. I know how difficult this will be for them in the coming days and months.

However, since the deceased is Sarah Brady, I doubt I’ll loose sleep over it. Brother’s and Sisters the Brady Campaign lost one of their founders…lets all hope those left indexbehind are completely incompetent and we can stop hearing about the Brady’s. The second amendment has suffered more from their organization than it ever should have. They allowed themselves to be a tool of the progressive agenda for far too long.

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Caliber Trend

I’ve noticed a growing trend as of late. We all know about the FBI’s switch back to the 9mm and the big test they did to justify it. Since then there has been a big swing back to 9mm purchases. Just this morning I was searching the distributor for some 9’s to order in for MGC and absolutely zero G19’s available. It’s been that way for weeks. Sure there were other 9mm’s to choose from but Glock has cornered the market as the “go to” pistol for law enforcement and that always translates right back to the general public. So, no G19’s means Glock can’t make them fast enough.

Anyway, it’s just interesting to see how we are lead by incoming information. The FBI says the only thing you will ever need is a 9mm so everyone runs out and buys one. So….just an observation….carry on.

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