Small Note On Pistol Maintenance

I received an email this week asking about 1911 recoil springs. It claimed that his spring had shrunken in size over it’s 5000 round lifetime. He also wanted to know if there was a better brand of spring that would take him further than a mere 5000 rounds.

My reply to that…….there’s not.

To keep your pistols running smoothly you need to keep it on even a loose schedule. Springs are going to wear out. It’s the nature of the beast and 3000 to 5000 rounds is a lot for 1911, or any pistol, springs. A spring kit should be a part of your maintenance schedule to ensure reliability on any pistol you intend to carry or that you just want to function well.

As for brands, Wolff or ISMI are actually very good. Remember that there are plenty of Ed Brown and Wilson Combat springs out there but they don’t actually make them. They probably get them from the above companies.

Some folks like to mess with the weight of their springs. Too heavy or too light can cause issues. I prefer to stick with factory weight springs in my carry guns and leave the messing around for my range queen guns (if I had one).

Carry on and carry always.

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Tired of Whiny Zealots

In light of the Paris murder of employees of a satirical news paper I thought I’d share a few thoughts. One of my church’s leaders once said about those that use foul language, they are, “weak minds trying to express themselves forcibly.” Well I have to apologize ahead of time that there may be a few written slips of the tongue because my weak mind just doesn’t know better words to convey this level of outrage. I’ll do my best, though.

I’m sick of everyone just putting up with these douche bags. All of Europe has just rolled over and let Islamic extremist just move right in. “Hey, you want to come shoot up the place…well we have banned civilian owned guns in our country but it would be intolerant if I didn’t let you do as you choose.” Entire governments just ignoring anything they do.

One of the images that sparked murder.

Now we have a bunch of grade school bullies pissed off at a cartoon drawing. A freaking drawing and they get so bent out of shape that they feel justified in mass murder. What the flying hell is the matter of these people? What are they, a bunch of 10yr old kids on the playground…with AK’s? Please, post a reply with your address and I’ll be sure to send you some sanitary napkins so you can clean up your worthless, whiny pussies. You’re a bunch of cowardly children and nothing more.

Islam is one of the largest religions on the planet. Not the only religion but still pretty big. That doesn’t give you the right to kill folks because they put up a cartoon of your pedophile prophet. I’m sorry but you have absolutely nothing to complain about. NOTHING. Do you understand that? Can you even comprehend what that means? After all your entire culture is stuck in the 15th century. So stop with the girly excused for your bad behavior.

Then you have douchecannons like this guy.

It’s hard to watch without being completely outraged. All religions can live peacefully with them as long as we live by Sharia Law? How about you go to hell you evil bastard. Once again I have to say that they have absolutely nothing to complain about.

They can’t take a simple drawing without shooting up the place. There’s an entire Broadway play making fun of my religion but you don’t see any Mormons out there murdering the cast. We had an actual extermination order at one point. Governor Boggs signed the order in 1838. Do you see us murdering anyone we see in Missouri? Hell no! If anyone has the right to get testy about things it’s definitely not Islam. Learn to take a freaking joke or just simply shut up. I don’t care which. I actually enjoy learning about other cultures but yours…just boring. You’re still stuck in the Crusades. Still thinking you need to rule the world no matter what the rest of the world thinks. The rest of the world left that behind a few hundred years ago. Grow up! Or at least find a new bag of tricks. The planet is sick of your extremist tactics. All you’ve got are school yard tactics…we’ve got US Marines. Yep…I just won the argument…it was that easy.

So, just knock it off. Live in the modern world. You want Sharia Law…stay in countries that support it. Leave our legal systems alone…or go home. We aren’t interested in living under your narrow view of life. If you can’t live peacefully with us…don’t come to our countries.

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Crusader’s Den

Ok, so I know I’ve been a little lax in my duties here lately. In my defense I’ve been working on getting a new feature up and running on the Crusader website. It’s a members only section with some exciting stuff going on.

As the post title suggests, it’s called the Crusader’s Den. It’s a kind of virtual man cave for guys and gals like us. We have some great authors lined up submitting monthly articles or videos. We have guys like the owners of KCT who make some really innovative kydex holsters. We have some great trainers like the owner of Valkyrie Defense giving us some exclusive training tips and tactical gear reviews. And, to help keep us safe we even have a high profile security professional advising us on how to see the bad guys coming before it hits the fan.

If that wasn’t enough it gets even better. Starting this January we will be having shooting competitions designed by the staff for everyone to take part in. They may be fun based or training based. That’s up to our staff. Either way they will be a lot of fun. To enter them a simple photo of the target or a video of you shooting the challenge is all it will take to enter. All entries will be posted and the winner will get some cool prizes.

Oh, did I mention we are always on the hunt for new contributing authors? How about the fact that we scatter in new articles throughout the month so there’s always something new to see?

You’re getting all this, plus your welcome package, for a mere $25 per year.  Sign up today.

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Check this out on Pinterest.

#TacticalDrawings shares…… Minuteman – My latest drawing. You can get your own print from: https… –

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New Rifle Package Finally Named

sI’ve been working on the particulars of a new project behind the scenes. It’s been a while, looking at what my suppliers have to offer and trying to match up parts with a purpose in mind. I wanted something that would show off as many parts options as possible without having a “Franken-Gun”.

Once that was on it’s way the needed product needed a name. I went through the usual…mid-evil weaponry…and just didn’t find anything that clicked. Then I went to mythic weapons. Mjolnir was in there and…ya know what…that is just arrogant.

Okay, so mythic weapons are out. What’s next? Honestly I had no freaking idea. I had plenty of suggestions from my partner on this project but nothing seemed right.

Then, out of an online conversation I realized the true potential of this rifle. It’s more than just another AR package. I wanted to lean towards the hunting market but that can be painted with a broad brush. It struck me that the main caliber option, 6.8 SPC II, has a perfect fit. It’s great for us guys…but it makes for a fantastic .308 alternative for women shooters.

Now most would go for a name like Valkyrie. It’s a natural fit and I considered it heavily. Unfortunately there is a Valkyrie Gun Works and I don’t like to come that close to stepping on toes that could get me sued. Then what I think is the perfect name hit me. Shieldmaiden.

Think about it. The Shield Maiden was a female warrior sent to fight alongside her male Viking counterparts and were every bit the bad ass as the men. It’s a perfect fit for this rifle.

Let me tell you a little bit about it. As said before it’s a 6.8 SPC II (also available in 5.56mm), polygonal rifled heavy hitter. With less recoil than a .308 but enough power to take down medium sized game (deer, feral hog, and the like) it makes a great fit for lady hunters. It has a collapsible stock so the length of pull can be adjusted to fit her needs. You will have the option of the Crusader Enhanced trigger or another of your choosing. Here’s the kicker that makes this perfect as a package. It will come with a 16″ upper AND a longer upper (20″, 22″, 24″) giving it a great hunting upper as well as a self defense/training carbine. This is truly the “all needs in one” rifle that the Shieldmaidens were.

I’m still waiting on the barrels to get here but I think this is going to be a great rifle. Sure it will be marketed as an epic chick gun…but guys…you still want this gun. Why? Because beside every well equipped warrior is his Shieldmaiden.

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Frog Lube

Being in the gun lube business I don’t normally post about any other brands. However, I’m going to take this opportunity to share my first impressions. I’ve heard from others about their stories and haven’t really paid any attention because I was never going to use the stuff. This time is different because I got a sample of Frog Lube included with a muzzle brake. I won’t give the brand of break because I don’t want to cast any light on them because of this post.

Sample Tubes

Okay, here it it. First impression…..

The tube was stiff. I thought that was odd. I had to ask myself, “this is supposed to be oil, right?” Well, I continued to squeeze the tube for a moment and it broke loose and became viscus again.

First thought, “whiskey, tango, foxtrot?”

I don’t want to defame the company in any way here so please don’t take this as having any intention to do so. This experience brings up what I think is a valid question. If it dries out in the tube, which is air tight, what is it going to do on my gun? This tube was hardened like it had a wax interior shell. This stuff does the same thing on your gun because you store it for some length of time and you have the potential for malfunctions because of the hardened lube. Sorry, and truly no offense meant here Frog Lube, but I don’t want a malfunction of my nightstand gun because it hasn’t been fired in a few days. I don’t know how long it took to get that way in the tube but without even opening the sample I already don’t trust it enough to put it on any of my weapons. I think the sample will more likely be headed for the trash. Sorry, bro.


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Just Imagine


Can you imagine Crusader M.O.L.L.E. tags like these? I can…

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Beretta Pico

A friend of mine got to test out and review the new Beretta Pico before it’s release. It’s worth the read.

Evidently there’s been trouble with the link. So here’s one to copy and paste.


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New Crusader Development

I’m working on the new “members only” section of the Crusader website. Its still not ready for a membership drive but I’m getting some great contributors lined up. I don’t want this to be just me, no one wants to read just me and if that’s what it was I’d just use this blog. The contributors are all industry pros. KCT holsters, George Hill from Grilling While Armed, and even the founder of the Southern Kentucky Spartans (competition team) are among the crew so far.

In the meantime I’m working on some cool stuff for the membership package. That’s right, not only will you get info from professionals from across the industry but some cool swag to go with it.

If you are an industry pro and would like more information email me at If you’re someone wanting to join, I’ll announce the membership drive soon.


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Crusader Thoughts

I’ve been tossing around an addition to the Crusader Weaponry website. I had a friend suggest doing my own version of Z.E.R.T. but the last thing I want to do is something gimmicky like “zombie prep”.

I have thought about putting together a subscriber section that has guest articles and training tips by folks like Daniel Shaw, George Hill, ect, and perhaps disaster prep info from FEMA (I know, don’t say it).

What I don’t know, yet, is how to structure it in a way that gives the reader more than their money’s worth. I wouldn’t even create a page for it unless the subscriber was getting much more than they paid for on a consistant basis.

I’ve also thought about looking into creating a network discounts with well known trainers.

Now, how to do this with the small amount of available time? That one I really don’t know. Any thoughts?

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