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June 1, 2014 · 9:51 am

New Additions

I’d like to introduce you to Kinetic Concepts Tactical. Since that’s a bit of a mouthful we’ll just call them KCT from now on. These guys are doing some innovative things with Kydex that I haven’t seen anywhere else. That’s why we’re starting a new addition to Crusader…Oh yeah, you’ll see these holsters on the Crusader site soon.DSCN3431

Now, sure…they have the usual Kydex holsters that every other outfit has and they do them well at a price you don’t mind getting one to try. That isn’t what I want to tell you about though. I want to show you their new MOLLE-Link holster. They put some thought into this product and it shows. They sent me one to try out and I love this thing. Now, as you folks know…if I hate something I will tell you each and every way that I hate it. I really have nothing bad to say about these. They attach directly to M.O.L.L.E. webbing and they are rock-freaking-solid. Your holster is going nowhere once attached and is actually not that much of a pain in the butt to take back off. DSCN3429

The Kydex to firearm fit…it’s good. Tight and stable. No shifting or slopping around like other Kydex holsters I’ve tried. To be honest I had lost my faith in Kydex but this holster has renewed the material as a vital option for tac gear.

I do have one problem, though. I love zero cant for a battle belt…that reminds me, I need a battle belt…but this holster leaves me wanting one with just enough cant to work better on a plate carrier and it might have to be in MultiCam to match the rest of my shotgun vest.

They have more options coming available for battle belt rigs and you will see those on the Crusader site when they come available. All of which will attach to the webbing of your gear just like the holster. I am really excited about this stuff. Hey, I may have to find a laser etcher here in Texas just to etch a Crusader logo on mine. That would rock to a high degree…but I digress.

Anyway, we haven’t worked out the final details yet but look for MOLLE-LINK gear fro KCT on the Crusader Weaponry site. If you just can’t wait…tell them I sent you.




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I wanted to take a minute to talk about one of the favorite male subjects…women. Maybe not in the way you might think, though.

We live in a world that has everyone grasping for power. In many respects that is all the modern feminism movement is. A bunch of power hungry hags wanting to get back at whoever they perceive is the bullie. In most cases that bullie is any male they come across.

It is my opinion that they see themselves as powerless unless they own all the power. So for them to be strong, empowered women the men around them must be effeminate and subservient to them. I cannot agree with this. All that accomplishes is creating a new form of sexism a new form of class warfare.

The future Gen. Patton (7yrs) with his mother and sister.

What hard core feminists don’t get is that a real man doesn’t want a wimpy woman. Real men want a strong woman. Someone that can be a companion, not a liability. We want a woman that seeks out accomplishment for her self, her husband, and her children. It takes great strength to be the foundation of a family. A family can survive without a father but without a strong mother…it’s a wreck.

You want power, look at the mother. Look at the mother that raised Lincoln, that raised Patton, that raised Dr King. You take a look at the one person that taught any prominent leader (male or female) to be an upstanding person. I bet each and every one of them will tell you they owed it all to the strength of their mother.

Let’s talk about the superficial for a moment. Men love hot women. But there’s a difference. Some may be nice to look at but what is one of the sexiest female traits? Confidence. A woman that knows who she is and is proud of it has a certain grace that can’t be found in a woman with no backbone.

Women…you have all the power in the world. Quit bitching because men still want to act like they’ve got a pair in your presence. In fact I would say that only a strong woman wants a strong man. The more you complain about men, wanting them to act more feminine, the more you prove just how weak you really are.

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The Ogre is right….as usual

My buddy George just put a post up on Mad Ogre that I couldn’t agree with more…well mostly. The premise of the post is that Hollywood is seriously lacking in real guy movies. I’m not talking about another Transformers or comic book hero that has been done 14 different ways already that we just have to do in a different light with a new actor who is more than likely going to make a childhood comic book hero look more like a transsexual hipster in really cool tights that we will call “armor”. (For example, who the hell thought we needed another batman movie done by a pansie, much less Ben Affleck. Isn’t that the duck on the insurance commercials?)

George has a great list for movies that should be made.

Anything written my Larry Correia is a complete win. I would personally kill to see the Monster Hunter saga on the silver screen.

Uprising…being one of the authors I, naturally, would like to see that done. You want a zombie movie done right…you get guys that could actually survive to write it…not some hippie trash born and raised in Hollyweird.

Lovecraft…yeah, let’s get one of the masters of horror and do a movie about his work. Hellz yeah.

From there George goes into books I haven’t read so I can’t comment on them or put up an agree/disagree stance so that’s where I part from the original list. That being said the original sentiment still stands. We’re making a bunch of crappy pansie ass movies for teenage girls and remakes of stuff we watched as kids. There’s nothing original in Hollywood. So here’s my call to movie execs in Hollywood. If the only thing you can get from your current writers is a pile of crap…hand them a pink slip and get some guys that still have a pair to write scripts around books that real men want to read and, more importantly, want to be a part of.

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A-Tacs Shemagh


Don’t ask me why but I really dig the A-Tacs shemaghs. The above combo would be great for bringing the heat to spring time feral hogs.

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Ready for this one?

A Broadsword is all you need.

A Broadsword is all you need.

Okay, this is sweet. We had an interview and test done on the Broadsword….2 years ago…that we just heard nothing from. It just fell off the radar. So I figured, “no worries”, right? Well, I get an email last week saying “oh, by the way we’re publishing the article in July’s issue of…….. SPECIAL WEAPONS FOR MILITARY & POLICE magazine.”

I about fell out of my chair on that one. So they send over a .pdf of the article for me to read over. Well, after a few corrections…this was originally put together 2 years ago, remember…we’re ready for the article to come out and it looks AWESOME. We have some great Oleg Volk photos in there so you know it looks great. I wish I could post up a pic for you but you’ll just have to buy the issue.

So, anyway, I’m really excited about the article and can’t wait to see it in print.

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Have we lost our will….

It seems to me that we may have lost or will to uphold justice in this country. Starting with the Kennedy we looked at our hired leaders as something akin to royalty. It’s just disturbing. Like most of you I read the headlines and sometimes…I just can’t make it any further fearing that if I read the whole article my head may explode. We have all kinds of crap going on about Benghazi right now. We have the “smoking gun” emails proving a coverup. We have a media that is complicit in that cover up and the guilt goes all the way to the presidency. We have some wiry little douche saying the president wasn’t even in the situation room that night. So who the hell was in charge of the country that night and why was the president deciding to distance himself from any involvement? Did His Highness Barack the first purposely do so do give himself deniability? If that’s the case that implies that they knew more about the situation than they are owning up to. That means they had to know the full situation and advised the president to leave the room so everyone was able to say that Obama wasn’t there the entire time to make decisions.

(Select committee??? What does that even mean? Will it be the same time wasting crap as the IRS investigation which has gone on for far too long and nothing is really accomplished. If so…what’s the point of doing that in this case. Let’s let investigators gather the evidence and then present it to congress for a decision of where to go with it next.)

Then we add in the fact that we are the ones that armed Al Qaeda in the area in the first place. It may have been for overthrowing their government but, let’s face it, you armed a terrorist group that we happen to be fighting all over the region. YOU ARMED THE ENEMY! Do I really need to say more here?

The plain and simple truth here is that we have criminals in the White House. We don’t need any more councils or time wasting bull crap. It’s time to have the FBI do what they are supposed to do. Investigate crime on a federal level. Let them investigate the crimes that have taken place. Everyone shies away from the big scary words but we need to learn whether or not the crimes committed by the current administration, and the leaders directing it, are guilty of treason. If they are then we owe it to our founders, our children, and the rest of the world to show that we will hold criminals responsible for their actions. If we were talking about you or I they wouldn’t hesitate to make an example of us. Do the investigation, know beyond a shadow of a doubt, and then act accordingly.

It’s time we stop holding our elected leaders up as royalty. They are normal people hired to do a job for the country. That’s it. If they are guilty (and I stress that this must be brought to trial and stay within the law) then they must be held responsible for their crimes under the law.


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