Concealed Carry

The topic of concealed carry is a serious one for me. It’s, on one hand, part of our 2nd amendment rights to me and on the other it is a huge responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

We all have a GOD given right to self protection that was put to words in our nations founding documents. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The first and key one being life. In that is, I believe, a decree to hold it dear and protect it. Yes, I believe that means the right to protect your family’s as well as your own life even if it means taking the life of those that would seek to take away yours or do you harm. But in that statement lies our aspect of responsibility.

Carrying a weapon should never be taken lightly. Yes, those of us that do so on a daily basis tend to carry out of habit and sometimes get complacent and not think about it. It’s a fact of daily life. However, never forget why we carry. For me all it takes is the thought of what could happen to my family if something went terribly wrong and I wasn’t carrying. After all they are the biggest reason that I carry and I imagine a lot of you feel the same with regard to your own families. We all come to the realization that we are the first line of defence for our wives and children. With the same token one must resolve to “come home”. What I mean by that is we all spend time away from our families weather it be work or play. We have to resolve to do what it takes to make it home to them no matter what happens.

You also have a responsibility to everyone around you. Weather you are eating out or watching a movie or just down at WalMart any psyco’s go crazy and you are the first one there and have the duty to safeguard others until the police arive. At that point your job is done for most police. I have known officers, however, that have told me their lives were saved by their own concealed carry students. All depends on the officer.

I’d like to finish up here with the principle of the sheep and the sheepdog. Most people in this world are sheep. They live out their lives content with everything anddon’t really pay attention to things going on around them. Then there are the sheepdogs. The sheepdog is always among the sheep. Unlike the passive sheep the sheepdog is always on the alert.  He is all too aware that wolves are waiting for him to relax his resolve so they can attack the sheep. That’s why the noble sheepdog is always aware and forever vigilant because when the wolf comes the sheepdog knows he is the only hope for the sheep.

The point is don’t be like the sheep, totally unaware of the evils of this world and content to keep your nose to the ground. We need more sheepdogs. The ones not afraid to stand between evil men and the sheepish masses. Real men andwomen prepared to take a stand. Get some training, get your permit, and carry your weapon like a sheepdog should. Don’t be a victim and never let your families become victims either.  We come from a long line of American sheepdogs that began with our founding fathers. Stand up with us and be counted as a true patriot.

6 responses to “Concealed Carry

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    • Yes, the concealed classes are free for any law enforcement. Just bring your credentials.
      Our address is 48 E. 13200 S. in Draper
      Call to get on the list because the classes fill up fast. 801-571-1160

  2. Loren Mercer

    When are your classes offered and would you offer your classes free to an FBI professional support employee. I work in digital forensics at the Salt Lake lab. I read that you are offering the classes at your West Jordan shop and not at Cabelas.


  3. Loren Mercer

    The class would be the CCW class.

  4. Randall Hoeppner

    I am currently in the process of obtaining my CCP. Never thought I would have to do it but as the author points out there are sheep and sheep dogs. The USA is in a hell of a fix. People complain about crime, yet, when the police attempt to protect and serve they are roundly criticized by the media, and those who wish to dismantle that thin blue line. I find it reprehensible that these “do-gooders” think by buying the world a coke we can all live in harmony. The criminal justice system has failed the public completely. If there are any police out there reading this just know this, I am so glad you guys and girls are out there protecting me and my family. Thank GOD you do what you do.

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