It’s Not That Hard

Are you ready for this...this is really going to piss some people off. The accurate bolt action rifle is a beautiful thing. Whether light and sleek or weighted for stability with heavy calibers the bolt gun is the original pinnacle of the utility rifle. There's a lot of custom builders out there that make it sound like they are the … Continue reading It’s Not That Hard


Here we go folks. Slipstream is going to be available for a short time only to get you set up for the holidays. We're selling oils only. Slipstream Classic is $18 including shipping and packaging. Slipstream STYX will sell for $25 which also includes shipping and packaging. To order simply email us at and … Continue reading SLIPSTREAM SALE

BladeTech, IWB, Holster

My friends over at 1800GunsAndAmmo sent me a couple of holster for review. This first one, I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical of. It's essentially a $25 holster with kind of a funky design. In the scheme of things, can it really be a holster worth paying attention to? Despite my hesitancy, … Continue reading BladeTech, IWB, Holster

Iron Dog Holsters, Concealed Carry Done Right

Quality is one thing I insist on. Whether it's my firearms or what I'm carrying them in it has to be something I can rely on. I've been testing out a hybrid holster from Iron Dog for about three weeks. I've had mixed feelings about hybrids in the past but I like this particular holster. … Continue reading Iron Dog Holsters, Concealed Carry Done Right

HSig P320 run amuck

I have been reading a lot on the Sig Sauer P320 testing video, showing that if dropped onto the back of the slide it will discharge. I will start off by saying, I am not a fan of the P320 but that is a personal dislike for the gun. Sig has been producing firearms … Continue reading HSig P320 run amuck

HiperFire Revolution

SLXLM Okay, so you think that there are enough AR-15 triggers out there to fill any need. Maybe that’s true. Maybe not. Even if you haven’t been able to tell I assure you that the differences between trigger  manufacturers are huge. Some take great care in the fit and finish in their products. Some don’t. … Continue reading HiperFire Revolution

ProMag’s Archangel, 1911, Grips

Sometimes even our “once in awhile carry” deserves some attention. My 1911 usually rides in my “go bag” if I have to make an unexpected trip with the kids. It's just faster to grab it and go from time to time. That doesn't mean this gun I only carry occasionally isn't on my mind. I've … Continue reading ProMag’s Archangel, 1911, Grips