Guys, Guns, and Shooting the Breeze

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to loose track of time when talking about guns? A couple friends and I were chatting after working out and guess where the conversation went? We hit everything but the politics of guns and that’s probably a good thing. Had we gone there we would have been there all night solving the worlds problems. It never starts out about guns but always ends up there. It never takes long either. Brands, calibers, shooting stories, and friends or families in the military…the fun never stops.

2 thoughts on “Guys, Guns, and Shooting the Breeze

  1. Unfortunately, my wife has noticed. *rolleyes* I said something about a quick trip to the range and she just snorted and said something like “With you, there’s NEVER a quick trip to the range – you’ll get to talking guns and be there for hours!”

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