DuraCoat Pricing

 I’m the only certified “Expert Camo” finisher in Utah and still offer great prices. They are as follows:


Single color $150.00                                                                                                                            Additional colors (camo) $50.00 each color


Single color $100.00                                                                                                                            Additional colors (camo) $25.00       

The single color price also includes the clear coat.  You have your choice of any pattern or you choose or of one of our in-house patterns.  

We are taking in work nation wide so contact us today about having yours done.

6 thoughts on “DuraCoat Pricing

    1. Sure Richard. Take I-15 to the 12300 exit in Draper. Take the east side frontage road (minuteman drive) south to 13200. Turn left and make a right into the parking lot. Can’t miss us.

  1. whats the name of you business and your address plus contact info please? I just bought a remington 770 7mm mag from cabelas and want to get it camouflaged but too scared to do it myself.

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