Bug Out Guns

There are more and more of you finding me by searching for firearm ideas for your bug out bags. This is simple and more than likely most of you already are set and ready to go.

You need a good quality pistol for close self defence. Pick a caliber that you can readily get ammunition i.e. 9mm, .40 s&w, .45 acp. Now lets talk brand for a minute. If you have one of the new Ruger SR9’s sell it. You need a sturdy gun like a Springfield Armory, Sig, Glock, Taurus, FN, or any other major 1911 variant.

You should also need a rifle. If all you have is a .22lr then that’s the one you bring. If you have a larger caliber rifle you want that one for many reasons but here is a couple. #1 you may need to hunt for food. A .22lr will feed you in a pinch, with small animals, but a larger caliber can bring down game that will feed more people at one time. #2 rifle calibers are better for defence and have better range than your pistol. If you have a semi-auto rifle like a Mini-14 (or Mini-30), AR-15, AR-10, ect. all the better. With them you have the best of both worlds. Better for defence with the higher rate of fire (as apposed to a bolt action), an are still accurate and powerful enough for hunting.

Guns for your bug out equipment is a simple common sence topic. Like was mentioned before it is likely that you already have the firearms you need if you have to get out of Dodge. The important thing is to have a plan, have your stuff together, and prepared to go if the worst happens.


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