DuraCoat Note

Some of you have been come here looking for answers about DuraCoat. I just wanted to answer some of them. DuraCoat can be applied to a variety of surfaces quite well.

Metals are a given, they do need to be roughed up first though. You can use a blast cabinet with glass beads or aluminum oxide.

It can also be used on wood. This again needs to be roughed up. I would use 150 gt sand paper or heavier over the entire stock. With this added texture DuraCoat will coat a wood stock just fine.

Plastics need to be pretty hard for the finish to stick for any long period of time. Something like Polymer works well. Softer plastics, being oil based, will coat alright but will flake over time.

Rubber…all depends. Soft rubber like scope covers wont work. It will start to peel in about an hour if it lasts that long. Hard rubber like Pachmar grips will do just fine.

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