Carry a Man’s Gun and stop whinning

A great comment to the page “Sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs” brought us an issue I’d like to expand on. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from people all across this country the complaint that this pistol or that is too big or too heavy for carry. What a load of crap. All of these “girlie men” are looking at the smallest polymer .32 or even .25acp’s they can find. If they are feeling Hardy that day they might look at a 9mm.

This is one of those things I will say only once so take heed; you should be worried about too little gun, not too much. If you have too little gun you might as well be carrying a BB-gun because there isn’t much difference between the two. For instance, did you know that a .22lr has more energy than a .25acp? I wouldn’t recommend a .22lr for defence…at all. The .25acp is worse than the smaller caliber. If your life is in danger and you pull out either one of those calibers you are a dead man.

One of my favorite things to do, when these full grown men are whining that they won’t own a certain pistol because it’s too heavy, is to pull up my shirt and show them my Springfield Armory 5″ 1911 on my hip. They didn’t know it was here until I lifted up my shirt. Then they see my .45acp hand cannon of a gun and they’re all of a sudden humble. In that moment they went from being the authority on the subject to realizing that they don’t know a darn thing about what they’re talking about.

Then I politely explain to them that I am more confident because I have enough gun to take care of any situation. I don’t have to wonder if I can save myself and my family because the gun itself strikes fear into those it is drawn against. Then I cast my shirt back over the gun and it disappears again.

If you are going to take on the responsibility of concealed carry then carry a gun big enough for the job. This isn’t a “mine’s bigger than yours” issue. You simply need something with enough power to stop illegal aggressions towards you and your family. You will look back without regret at all those long days of inconveniencing yourself with a little heavier gun if you ever have to defend your family. However you will regret not carrying enough of a gun and some dirt bag ends up harming your family even after being shot up with a wimpy caliber. Which would you rather have? A heavy gun or a harmed family?

Now there are lighter guns out there with big enough calibers. Glock, Springfield XD, FNP are all polymer pistols that have .40 or .45 calibers. Both are good choices. Heck I will even through 9mm in there as long as you have good quality hollow points.

So, go forth with a man’s gun and join those of us that dare to proudly carry our guns ready to defend our selves, our family, and out neighbors.

27 thoughts on “Carry a Man’s Gun and stop whinning

  1. I guess I’m a girly-man… hahahaha. You can’t find any 100% steel semi-auto’s these days. The only model that I can think of is a 1911, which I just cannot stand (correction Kahr mk40) because I’m just a 1911 hater. I would carry my Kel-Tec P3AT with 6 rounds of .380acp Cor-bon glaser’s over a 1911 any day.

  2. dillinmax690,

    I believe it is time to revoke your man’s licence. I really hope you never have to defend yourself because that .380 wtill do little more than piss someone off.
    Dispite what the post would indicate I like polymer frames. I’ve had people whine about even the weight of Kahr pistols. Those are the people that drive me crazy.
    Seriosly though, I don’t recommend .380’s to anyone. It’s better than nothithing and that’s about all you can say about it. Kel-Tec makes a so, so back up gun but wouldn’t use one as a main carry weapon. Heck, even my wife uses a Sig P225 in 9mm. That is the lightest, anyone serious about self defence would use.
    Oh and just for future reference we will have no insults of “GOD’s Gun” (the 1911) or St. John Browning thank you very much.

  3. hahahaha, yeah, i know i was stepping into mess when i made that comment on the 1911. i’m just not a fan, i’ve owned one myself and i wasn’t impressed. i would definitely recommend a H&K over a 1911 any day and they cost about the same too.

    the .380 just pissing someone off? a 9mm hollow-point will do the same amount of damage to a human without body armor as a .45 fmj, if not more. point being if you have the right kind of bullets you don’t have to be so concerned about size. where i’m from it’s extremely hot so trying to conceal a 5″ or even a 4″ 1911 is just not possible when wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

  4. Wow are you serious? Why would you compare hollow points to FMJ. No one in their right mind is going to carry FMJ in their carry gun. Not only that but your point that 9mm will do as much or more damage is just plain wrong. Try doing some homework before making a fool of yourself.
    H&K makes fine gun. However, they are over priced by about $200 for what quality is in it. That and the company has such poor service that I won’t carry one, own one, or stock one on our store. They just aren’t worth the hastle. I can buy an FNP, XD, or Glock for a lower price and have the same quality gun.
    If you can’t conceal under a t-shirt you aren’t doing it right. Get an inside the waste band holster and all our worries go away. Besides don’t tell me it can’t be done. I conceal my 5″ under a t-shirt every day.
    If you don’t like a 1911 that’s fine. Don’t try to tell the rest of us that it can’t be done because we are doing so just fine without your false ideas.
    Do some homework before trying to comment here. We actually know what we’re talking about.

  5. a fool? ouch… a .380 cor-bon or a 9mm cor-bon glaser will do as much damage as a .45 fmj. no, i haven’t seen what it actually does on a human being but we’ve compared them on watermelons (best we could do). yes, the ballistics are there, and they will both kill a man with ease i’m not trying to shoot through an engine block. to your logic, the .45’s do enter with a bigger hole (as it’s a wider round) than a 9mm hollow-point but when they leave it’s exactly the opposite (as i’m sure you’re aware). apples to apples, .45hp to 9mm hp, of course the .45hp wins.

    why even compare the two? all i’m saying is that a 9mm/.380 hollow-point will get the job done as opposed to “just pissing them off”. you shoot a human being in the chest at 15 yards with a 9mm hp, not only will he be pissed he’ll be dead, just the same as a .45hp would do (is something wrong with my homework here?).

    i suppose you could conceal a 5 inch 1911 wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and to that logic if you were 7’3″ at 300+ lbs. you could probably conceal a .50AE or a bazooka so i’m sorry for spreading my “false ideas”. i myself am a small guy standing at 5’8″ so i should have specified that for all of us midgets a 5 inch 1911 is not the ideal CC gun.

    ahhh yes, you can buy a FNP, XD and Glock for a lot less than a H&K but then i guess you see my point in that that’s about what I see the level of the 1911 as. don’t banish me now, you’re probably one of only 3 blogs on wordpress that i have come across that actually blogs about guns.

  6. Blue Sheepdog relates an interesting recent police call where a man attempted to commit suicide with a .380.

    And I quote:

    “Two of the officers at the scene carried .380’s as off-duty guns, and they are now for sale…cheap.”

    I’ll stick with my 230gr. +P TAP, thank you very much. And if I can conceal a 5″ 1911 (with TWO reloads) wearing athletic shorts and a t-shirt, anybody can.

  7. well i’ve never shot a human with my .380 nor my .45 (when i had one) but if you’re implying that the article from blue is proof positive that a .380 loaded with hp’s will not kill someone at 15 yards then i guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

    look, there are plenty of articles like the one you quote; a boy with a machette through his skull, a man with a hamster up his rear, a man with a drill bit through his eye, a woman stuck by lightning etc. all pretty amazing that they survived but does that mean that you’d try it? no matter how much we disagree i would not advise you to stand in front of a .380 hp because someone said all it will do is “piss you off”.

    more power to you if you can conceal carry a 5 inch 1911 in gym shorts and t-shirt plust 2 extra mags(i concede, it can be done!)- i would definitely advise against it.

  8. Ok…lets go with actual facts. ER stats say that 90% of people that come in with handgun wounds live. I am not professing the any handgun is a one shot stop because it simply isn’t true. There is so many holes in your so called “homework” it isn’t funny. I don’t intend to ban you but honestly. The whole point of the article was to say stop whinning about the weight of your guns. You just keep spilling bull crap. Shooting watermellons makes a cool splater but is no comparison to human flesh and bone. Let’s leave the .45 fmj out of the discussion because it really doesn’t belong.
    Sorry dude, a .380 will barely breach the rib cage. That doesn’t make for a killing shot. 9mm sure, but over penetration is your true worry. The actual shock of being hit by a 9mm is like having a 1 lb block droped on you from 11ft. Most people, becauses of adreniline, don’t even realize they have been hit.
    Ok, anyone can conceal any size gun with the right combination of holster and clothing. That’s all is takes. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing short, t shirts, or a heavy coat. With the right holster any size pistol can be concealed. You choose what ever you want to carry just don’t try to say that nothing else can be concealed because YOU ARE WRONG.
    H&K is no where near a good quality 1911. If for no other reason than the H&K triggers suck. An H&K is on the same level as the FNP,XD, and Glock. Thats why I suggested them. There is actually very little difference in them.
    Since you are obviosly not an expert please do not advitse one way or the other here. Especially when you are so wrong that you really don’t know what you are talking about. If the kind lady can succesfully conceal a pistol of that size dont advise her otherwise. You just show your lack of knowledge.

  9. 1. never said my watermelon test was accurate, all i said was that it’s the best we could do.
    2. .380 will barely breach the rib cage? (what’s barely? 2″?) are we talking about at 100 yards? to summarize a 9m will not kill an intruder because of his/her adrenaline makes it feel like a brick?
    3. i have CONCEDED the conceal issue. yes, yes, you’re right, i’m wrong. anyone can conceal any gun confortably.
    4. would a $1400 kimber qualify as a good quality 1911? versus a $800 H&K?
    5. not sure exactly what i’m trying to advertise. what i’m trying to say is that a .380/9mm, that’s light, comfortable to carry for most people will be fine. you’re not a “girly man” for choosing one.

  10. In summary this is what I’m getting… 9mm and .380’s are worthless because the .380 will not penetrate a man’s chest. the 9mm, although it will penetrate, because the stopping power is so minute, a perp will have enough adrenaline to overcome the wound and all it will do is inflict minor injury. in order to remedy this you need nothing less than a .45 acp. since they have the stopping power and the concealabity of a .380/ 9mm it should be the CC of choice. Does that about sum it up?

    i’m sure you’re an expert, i’m not claiming to be one, never did, i build oil rigs for a living. however the homework we’ve done over past 7 years in trying to find the best CC gun taking into account; accuracy, price, maintenance, concealabity and effectiveness was quite extensive not to mention expensive. one end of the spectrum being .22’s the other end being .50 magnums. the conclusion we’ve come to was the .380/9mm was the fine line when it came down to effectiveness/ accuracy at 15 or less yards (that’s what our parameters were).

    in any case, we’re on the same side in that law-abiding citizens should all conceal carry, heck I wish my State had “open” carry because then we wouldn’t be having this lengthy discussions.

  11. The point of all this is the size of the gun not the caliber. You brought the caliber issue in to all this. No I don’t think .45 is the only way anyone should go. For instance my wife can’t handle a .45 YET so she has a 9mm with Hydra Shocks in it. You can actually see it in one of the other posts. I am just fine with her and that gun. 9mm is the lightest gun I would suggest for anyone (.380 being half the power of the 9mm isn’t included in that recommedation). I would someone to go with the .45 but if they aren’t comfortable with it then I wouldn’t push them into it. They have to be comfortable practicing with it.
    First rule of a gunfight is to bring a gun.
    Second rule of a gunfight is to bring enough of a gun (preforably more than one). The point is to not be out gunned. If you are forced to defend yourself and you are out gunned it is the same as not having a gun.
    I’m not sure what your idea of accuracy is but .380’s accuracy sucks. My statement “Sorry dude, a .380 will barely breach the rib cage” means you will be lucky if it goes through the rib cage and not just stop up against the rib. You would be very lucky indead if it went 2″ past the rib cage.

  12. i would have to say that size and caliber are intertwined wouldn’t you? generally speaking the bigger the caliber the bigger the gun? okay, so for you a 9mm is the bottom line, anything less is rather ineffective. okay, okay, i can work with that. my friends and i have been going back and forth on the .380acp v. 9mm issue.

    i absolutely agree with you that one has to be 100% comfortable with the gun.

    as to your FIRST RULE, again i agree with you but i find that for me (5′ 8″ at 185 lbs.) trying to conceal a 5-inch 1911 (or any 5-incher for that matter) while in shorts and t-shirt playing frisbee golf at the park or 18 holes at the club is impossible. on the other hand i can put a .380 p3at or 9mm rohrbaugh r9 in my pocket and play. the former would break the FIRST RULE and so that’s why i normally advise the latter two calibers.

    it’s give and take. you have to compromise somewhere. being out gunned is another issue with give and take. you can only carry so much before it becomes such a burden that you can’t do the normal activities that you want or need to do in life. if we had open carry i would probably be all about a .45, .44 or a 10mm but we don’t. according to the classes i’ve taken if an officer notices a “bulge” and thinks it’s a gun, that’s not a concealed weapon and thus you’re breaking the law.

    .380’s accuracy, to be quite honest the CC weapons are really on the low-end of the accuracy pole regardless of it being a .380 or a 9mm. the shorter the barrel the more practice it’s going to take (my rule). that’s just the nature of the beast but it’s not like you’re going to be using a glock 26, be perched on a roof, trying to snipe someone. i’m talking about 0-15 yards, 0-45 feet tops.

    in any case, you like the 9mm hydra-shocks, i’ve tried them out on 1-gallon milk jugs full of water. pretty neat. i’m still sticking with the cor-bon’s though. a bit pricey but i think well worth it.

    from what i’ve read on cor-bon’s a .380 cor-bon bullet will incapacitate a man easily but like you said if it won’t penetrate the rib cage, probably deflect off of, i guess i need to do some more reading.

    1. 45 ACP is a girlie round, it’s so slow it can’t penetrate a wet paper bag, what a useless cartridge to say the least! If your going to buy a Semi Auto Handgun, buy in either 10mm, 40 S&W, 357 SIG or 9MM, if you buy a 45 ACP you might as well save the money and buy a crossbow…45ACP cartridge is so slow it won’t penetrate a lousy four layers of Denim! Worthless round indeed!

      1. That’s pretty funny Dr. D the .45acp is so useless that it is still the leading defence round and has been for almost 100 years. It’s ironic that every caliber you chose (though good defence round and I’ve already said as much) you have to worry about over penetration. Look at the 10mm. During FBI testing it reliably went THROUGH car doors and 12 inches of ballistic gellatin. That’s more than enough to go through two human bodies. Now I’ll be the first one to admit that the .45acp is slower. It also hits like brick in the chest and may or may not exit the body. That’s fine with me. If the perp survives I want them to have to dig the slug out. It’s just that much more damage before they patch him back up. Look If you prefer the rounds you mentioned that’s absolutly fine. Unless you’re one of those (and I know you’re out there) that carries a .22lr or .25acp for defence I have no problem with your choices.

  13. There are several 9mm-.45acp choices out there in a relatively small package. Sig P229, P239, Kahr anything, Glock , XD, and yes even 1911’s all make a 3″ barreled model and even some 2.5″. There are many options out there the point is to find what works for you and then not whine about it. You may have to alter your clothing a little. Denim shorts and a loose shirt is my summer carry clothes. Your body size doesn’t matter. I buy shirts a size too big if Im going to carry with it. You can use an inside the waist band holster (belt still required)then all you need is a t-shirt. I think you guys are seeing a very narrow view of how to carry. We all have to make adjustments no matter what our size or normal wardrobe. The point is it is never going to be completely convenient. We all need to suck it up and carry anyway. Just dont whine because of the minor inconveniences.

  14. I work in a childrens hospital – I am not allowed to carry and so I don’t, but do spend a lot of time on the campus at school when I consider carrying – and so I wear hospital scrubs 2-3 days out of the week. I would like to know how I am supposed to be carrying this ‘man’s gun’ when even my wallet is obvious and weighs down the back pocket. Not all weapons will work in all scenarios.

  15. I realize that Version2.5 and you are missing the point of the post. The point is pick what ever you are going to carry and don’t whine about what it takes to conceal it. You would be supprised what a belly band holster will do. Sure a 5″ full size pistol may not work with scrubs. Fine carry what you can just don’t whine about the weight or anything else about it. We have all had to make changes to our wardrobe.
    Let me put things this way. I’ve been in a lot of gun shops. You would be supprised at the number of grown men complaining that this gun or that can not be concealed. You have to have this other one that is a full 2oz lighter. Your hip will not notice the difference in 2oz. Those are the men the “man up” remarks are meant for in this post. Don’t pick a gun that doesn’t fit you and that you won’t shoot well just because it is lighter than the one that fits you.
    Being a dad…thanks for the work you do at the childrens hospitol.

  16. the “.45 or else” crowd makes me laugh. i guarantee a double tap of buffalo bore .380 Gold Dot JHPs at 15 feet will do more than “piss you off.” the recent advances in .380 ammunition have made it an effective self-defense round. a kel-tec p3at or a ruger LCP(3A-T) that’s the same size and weight of a wallet (loaded up to 7 or 8 rounds of capacity) ensures some people stay armed anywhere, any time and any place that’s legal. the environment in which i live and work prevents me from strapping on my 4″ GP100 at all hours of the day. we can agree to disagree on me being a girly man.

    by the way, i like the blog. keep up the good work!

  17. hello heck of a conversation about “girlie men”and what the kind of gun they carry for their self are apparently hung up on 1911 45acp handguns.hey thats o k but you are not the final say on this state that 32 acp, 9mm, .25acp, .380 are girlie guns.interesting.but beware of the man who can put those rounds in your friggin brain pan at close range.and they are out there. waiting for some street thug to try them on if put in a bad situation.multiple rounds from any of these small calibers sets up a possible death sentence for the victim. how many people are killed by 22 caliber rounds. because they go in your gut and come out your eyeball or jam up in your brain and turn you into a fruitcake ok. the 45 acp is one bad round.but lets live and let live. in reality “GUNDOCTOR” the only girlie men out there are the ones who want to take away our right to self protection in the first place. i say never alienate a fellow gun owner.these are friends and patriots.I have friends who carry various type handguns for self protection. some are cannons and others are not .but they are armed. they do have the capability to protect their lives and their loved far as the cloths they wear with their concealed weapons.”THAT IS REAL GIRLIE CRAP” this is my humble opinion and I am sticking to it. with total respect. all comments i have made are protected by the 1st amendment.and all guns no matter what friggin caliber are protected by the 2nd amendment. how about a little tolerance “GUNDOCTOR”. by the way. watch out for the nerd carrying a browning “BUCKMARK” who can put 6 out of ten rounds in your face and make you look like a sausage and pepperoni pizza. I have to go now.have an appointment to shoot big bertha around 4 o.clock this afternoon. Adios until next time.
    definitely not a “GIRLIE MAN”

  18. Alright Michael. You need to go back and read the post again this time read what it’s saying and don’t get hung up on one term in the whole post. I prefer a .45 for myself I think I made that clear. I also said that there are several good guns out there in 9mm, .40, and .45 that will suit everyones needs. This is my space in here. Your 1st amendment rights are only as I allow them because this is my area.
    The .25acp….really? With less energy than a 22lr no one in there right mind should carry that caliber. Then to move on to the 22lr as a defence gun you really have to be kidding me. The only reason there are more deaths from a .22 is because there are more of them out there than any other calliber. Most of those shot with it end up bleading to death because they know they will be arrested if they go to the hospital. If you and yours trust these calibers thats fine quit complaining about it.
    Listen for the last time the reason for this post isn’t to push a .45 and only a .45 on everyone. Pick the gun that fits you the best in a caliber you are comfortable with (equiped with knowledge not hype and general stupidity) and stop whinning about having to carry it. Just be a man and carry the gun. Hecate at the top of the comments here has more balls than you do Michael. Not because she chose a 1911 but because she chose the gun she wanted and she carries the gun.
    You sir are just one more “girly man” in the batch. You let your pride get in the way of seeing the point of this post instead of trying to take it with a grain of salt and try to learn something. The post is after all my opinion and mine alone. You don’t like it, fine. We can be men and discuss things like men with out a “mines bigger than yours” fight. I’m not asking you to like my opinion. It’s only there as my side of the issue. You are a “girly man” because you complain like one.

  19. I think its funny how your original post was about how its possible to carry a large, heavy gun for cc, and people turn it into “But my .380 is just fine!” and “My .22 will blow your brains out!”
    Personally I think any gun you use to defend your life with is one you need to shoot a lot, and accurately, so I think that a heavy-ish gun would be ideal for a carry gun. Belly bands are pretty incredible, I agree, I’ve also heard great things about the Crossbreed supertuck.
    Cool blog, I think one of your Partisan rifles might be in my future.

    1. YES, Thank you. You are the first one to pick up on the fact that this is about it’s posseble and ok to carry any size gun. It doesn’t have to be a little bitty thing in order to conceal it. Thanks so much for your commenting and I’ll be excited to build your Partisan when you’re ready.

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