Marines in Action

This is a John Farnam Quip that I thought was very appropriately places in this blog. The point John makes is valid to all of us and is a great example of the type of person we should be when it comes to home defence. Be ready, be armed, and don’t hesitate.

Marines in Action!

16 Oct 08

Marines are a real problem, aren’t they?

From a friend in AZ:

“Two home-invasion suspects were unceremoniously shot to death lastnight in Tucson by a University of Arizona student. At least on of the (deceased) suspects was armed with a pistol.

The 23-year-old college student was home alone when there was a knock on his door, a half hour after midnight. Owing to the late hour, he armed himself with a pistol before answering. A man at the door asked to see someone the student had never heard of. A second man suddenly appeared, with a ski-mask over his face and a pistol in his hand. The two suspects then burst into the home knocking the student off his feet.

The student, a former Marine, called police several minutes later to report a shooting. Police arrived shortly thereafter, to discover the two suspects, both DRT, inside the student’s home.

Local police investigating the incident say no charges are being contemplated against the student, as the shooting appears to have been justified by the circumstances.

A neighbor commented, ‘It’s really the scariest thing… I don’t know what I would’ve done if those two guys tried to break into my house.'”

Comment: You would have died, Nimrod! You would have been murdered hideously, as many other VBCs are, every day. You would have been just another ” good-little-victim” that keep politicians and newspapers alike busy.

This young Marine was prepared! More to the point, he didn’t hesitate to do what had to be done. He is an Operator, alive and well due to his own personal courage!


(1) Don’t wait (2) Don’t hesitate (3) Don’t ask permission (4) Don’t over-analyze/over-correct (5) Don’t look back, and (6) Always call their bluff!

Good show, Marine!


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