Time for Vigilance

I think we all know by now that Barack Obama is now the president elect. Now I don’t care who you voted for and am not going to go into that. Now is the time to step up to the plate. We know Obama is no friend to the gun community. Now is the time to pull together on a unified front. No more of this Democrat or Republican crap. Both parties can take a flying leap as far as I’m concerned. We have to be ready at a moments notice to call and write our Representatives and to write the White House. We all know that it is a matter of time before an anti-gun bill is introduced. We all know Obama is waiting to sign it. Now is the time to start a grass roots campaign to let our Representatives know that we won’t stand for an anti-gun bill in any form.  So, I’ll get off my soap box now and let each of you choose for yourselves. That’s what makes this country great. We have the GOD given right to choose. So let’s keep a hold of that.

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