Little Known Gem

If you haven’t already been introduced to the jewel that is CZ USA here is your opportunity. I’ve been looking at them for a couple years now and taking opinions from those that own them. They’re made in the Czech Republic and I’ve haven’t been anything but impressed with everything CZ USA makes. They are extremely well built. The CZ 550 rifles have beautiful walnutor heavy duty Kevlar (not plastic) stocks.

CZ 550 American


 They also make some fantastic precision rifles that I’ll let you visit the website to see.

CZ USA also makes one of the most widely used pistols in European militaries. The CZ 75 is a great. My favorite is the SP-01. With it’s all but perfect grip geometry, it’s all steal construction, and rust resistant Polycoat finish who wouldn’t love it? CZ accomplishes all this at a price around $500 depending on model.

CZ SP-01

 So, if you haven’t taken the time to look at CZ products here is your invitation.

One thought on “Little Known Gem

  1. I haven’t heard anything but wonderful things about the CZ USA rifles. Everyone seems to love ’em. If I find myself in need of a good hunting rifle, I’ll definitely give them a look.


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