I just had another comment on the “carry a man’s gun and stop whining” post. I have to say that the first person to comment (a woman) showed more balls then all the male commenter’s put together. Every male who commented had a fit like I just insulted the size of their genitals.

Let me put this as a preamble to the stop whining post. I do think that there are inferior cartridges out there that are not a good choice for self defence. I happen to carry (one of them anyway) a 1911. The gun fits me and I’m comfortable with the caliber and know that with it I can pull me and my family out of any situation gone bad. That being said I think there are several good choices in everything from 9mm to .45acp. I use to have a Ruger P95 and a Glock 19. Both 9mm and with the way I shoot I would trust either one with top quality hollow point ammunition. I don’t have on but the Sig P229 Elite is one of the best looking guns I’ve ever seen. I do, however, with the make it in .45acp only because it is my caliber of choice.

Now when you read “Carry a Man’s Gun and Stop Whining” keep in mind it’s not your gun or it’s caliber that I’m railing on. I’ve had too many grown men come to me in my shop and complain (literally) that this gun is 2oz lighter than the others and is therefore the only gun that is possible to carry. It is to them that I call out “stop you whining”. So you have to adjust a few things depending on your holster of choice. Grow a set a stones and carry the gun. I know for a fact that give or take 2oz in the holster will not even be noticeable. Pick the gun you want to carry, in the caliber you want to carry and carry it without whining to the rest of us. We know it can be an inconvenience because it’s one we all share.

3 thoughts on “Carrying

  1. I went to a lighter one as well. That’s not the point. I don’t see you complaining about either one of your carry pistols. That’s what I’m giving you credit for.

  2. The loaded-weight difference between the full-size CQB (46.2 oz.) and the custom bobtail Commander size Wilson (44.4 oz.) isn’t enough for me to even feel. They’re both all-steel guns, and I actually like them heavy.

    It was losing almost an inch of barrel and bobbing the frame that made all the difference. Makes the newer gun much more concealable on a Short Person.

    Hope I’ll be able to swing by FBMG one of these days on my way to/from gun school.

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