New Rem 700 Triggers

I’ve had a couple of Remington’s come in my shop lately. They had the new trigger Remington X-Mark Pro triggers. Both of the triggers broke nicely. There’s only one problem. You really can’t work on them.

Remington has always put a coating over the adjustment screws on their rifle triggers so they could tell if anything had been adjusted. Having the trigger adjusted by anyone but them voids the warranty on the rifle. This really hasn’t stopped anyone because the triggers were easy to adjust, if you knew what you were doing.

Well that has changed with their X-Mark Pro triggers. They now allow the let off adjustment to be accessible but the other two screws are made of poor metal and a thread locker is used. Any attempt to adjust these screws with the appropriate Allen wrench will strip out the head of the screw.

Now with the way they’re shipped the let off and over travel screws really don’t need adjustment. They set that fairly well at the factory. The one I wish they would have left alone is the poundage screw. Adjustment isn’t possible on that screw. For a target quality trigger you have to go to an aftermarket trigger. Now, granted there are some great aftermarket triggers and I would do so if you are serious about competition. I just think it is a rip off for Remington not to allow competent people access to adjust their X-Mark Pro triggers. In my oppinion that’s just bad form.

I should add that Remington has updated the X-Mark Pro trigger. It now has a weight adjustment visible from the outside of the gun. I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing one yet but this should be a great trigger.

One thought on “New Rem 700 Triggers

  1. Hi, how you doin’?
    Just got a Rem. SPS 308 a little while ago and I don’t think the new trigger is any diff. from the old. I tried to lighten it, it broke perfectly fine, just too heavy, but the adj. screw had NO effect.
    Just finished putting in a Timney and shot it this wkend. Mucho better, only slight mod. to stock. However, this is not a mod to do if you do not work with tools. Pay someone, should not be more than 25-35 bucks, and save yourself some grief. The Timney instructions leave alot to be desired and it would be hard to do without the internet and pics.
    If you work with tools and have done a few things with guns, got for it. I did, and it worked out fine. I’m an electrician and am used to working on small, precise projects on the side. Plus, I’m a gun nut.
    Have a good one, get a BANG out of it! Glen

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