My Two Cents

As you know this is a blog to show my work and invite people to have me do gunsmithing work for you. I try to stay out of politics here because of that. I intend to continue that but have a few things to say.

Look folks, I watch the news and listen to talk radio as much as the next guy. I understand the situation we face in our great country and I am quite concerned. I just flat out don’t like what I hear. Like many of you every time the news comes on my “spidy sence” start tingling and I can tell the direction things are going.

I want to urge all of you the same direction my parents, boy scouts, and the military taught me to go in times like these. Plan for the worst and hope for the best. Don’t be caught unprepared for whatever it is that ends up happening here. I pray everything rights itself and we can all sleep easily soon. Heaven knows I could use a little more sleep and less worrying about the future.

Just do what you have to do to get prepared for what you see as the worst case scenario and pray you never have to use your preparations.

Take care, watch your six, and GOD Bless.

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