Para Ord.

I picked up a Para Ordinance Big Hawg a few months back. I don’t have a range report yet but it will come. I wanted to quote the Para Ord. website on their finishes:

Para-Kote™ Finish

Blue or stainless finish? The competition would limit your choices; Para gives you a wide range of tough, good-looking finishes from which to choose. Para’s exclusive Para Kote™ finishes are ideal for the shooter who likes to keep a gun for many years; they offer good looks, plus lasting, rock-hard protection and Teflon-based lubricating qualities. Para Kote is a handsome finish that withstands hard knocks and holster wear. The Teflon component results in smoother functioning and also makes cleaning a lot easier.

Okay here’s my take on it. Because of some work my other carry gun is going through I’ve had to carry my Para even though I haven’t had the time to take it to the range. For just what little wear it has taken being put in my leather holster in the morning and coming out at night it has quite a bit of holster wear. I’m not impressed. Don’t get me wrong I love the gun itself. I’ll have to redo the finish before long but the gun is well made.

I appreciate the fact that they put match grade barrels in every model they make. That makes my day. It tells me they care how every pistol shoots and not just a couple elite models. I’d like to see that from every manufacture.

All in all I would recommend Para Ord. for the quality of their workmanship. Just plan on having them refinished at some point.

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