New Look and Feel

CRUSADER ARMORY...come join the legend.

The new look and title of GunDoctor needs to be explained. I am no longer at FBMG. We had a bit of a falling out and it was time to head in another direction.

I’ve been working on a project of my own. I’ve hand picked a few people to work with and we are preparing to release a line of premium AR-15’s. The name we’ve chosen is Crusader Armory. I think it is a timely name for an American company. We have three lines, at the moment, that are named equal to the company name. We have the Partisan, the Guardian, and the Paladin. Things are looking great for us and is a great time to enter the market. I’ll keep you apprised on the progress of the company and give you times and places to look for us. 

Let me say a quick thanks to my readers. I get a lot of search engine traffic but the loyal readers just keep coming back for more. Thanks much.

8 thoughts on “New Look and Feel

  1. Gundoctor, could you spare a little time to tell me about your experiences attending the School of Trades? I’ve been thinking about changing careers to gunsmithing, and I’ve been doing some research on the available programs but there just isn’t a heck of a lot out there on the web to guide me to one institution over another.

    1. There are really only 3 schools you should be conciderin. There is one in Pennsylvania, great school. One in Oklahoma, Great school. And there’s the school of trades. Any of those three is a good pick. I’ve known people from all three. Oklahoma has a good program. You get a lot of training with machinery that most gun shops will never see. The school of trades is where I would go back to myself were I to do it all over again. You get time on all the machines typical in a gun shop. Weilding, lathe, mill the works. There’s also one aspect that the others don’t have. Say you don’t have a fancy machine to do something for you. Now how do you make the repair? It’s the smithing on a budget that the other programs don’t have. CST will be a great school for you.

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