Cap and Trade

I try to stay out of politics here. Once in a while, though, I just can’t keep my mouth shut. My rant today, cap and trade.

Here goes…cap and trade, REALLY? Are you kidding me? Our government is seriously considering taxing us for simply living our lives? I already pay a tax at the gas pump and now you want to tax me for what comes out of the tail pipe, among other things? I’m sorry (no I’m not) but every senator or congressman that is even considering  this much ride the short bus to work. I know go ahead and rail me for not being politically correct. I didn’t intend to be. Want to know why? Because cap and trade is FREAK’N STUPIDThis is the same policy they have tried in other countries and their carbon emissions have actually increased. Did you catch that? In other countries it not only didn’t stop emissions it increased them.

Folks, please join me in calling or email your represenatives and tell them to not pass this new tax bill.

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