Isrial Report From US Serviceman

You all know I highly respect John Farnam and I appreciate his writings. This one I wanted to post because of the underline meaning here. The last couple sentences says it all. I really do think Obama and his corrupt administration has abandoned one of our allies. Israel is the wrong ally to turn a blind eye to. France, ok I could understand because of their lukewarm approach to everything. Israel who is in the middle of the terrorist sponsoring nations and who our enemies like Iran has voiced their desire to wipe off the face of the earth? That is beyond reproach.

I am glad to hear that they are aloud to openly carry for their own protection.


22 June 09
News from Israel, from an American Soldier who just returned from R&R 
“The fact that Israel is a country surrounded by terrorism-supporting 
states was immediately evident upon my arrival!
Israeli citizens are openly armed, routinely, carrying handguns and 
military rifles, in public.  No one cares about being ‘low-profile’ in  Israel! 
I saw lots of Czech CZs and G19s.  The rifle I saw carried most by 
civilians was the M1 Carbine!
Military and Police all carry American-made M4s.  Most manual safeties  I
saw were in the ‘off’ position.  I don’t know if rounds were chambered or 
not, but I suspect not.  In Israel, they like carrying with chambers  empty. 
Finger/trigger discipline was poor! 
Security personnel are everywhere, even at entrances to restaurants and 
Photographing police officers and military personnel, and installations, is
 strictly prohibited. 
Service in the IDF is mandatory for all young Israelis, starting at the age
 of seventeen.  I observed many extremely young-looking IDF personnel, men 
and women, all carrying M4s in public.
Locals I talked with were extremely concerned about what they perceive as 
abject abandonment by the USA and its current Administration.”
Comment: Free men bear arms.  Let it always be so in Israel, and here!

Thanks for reading folks.

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