Our Rifle Scheduel

I know there are a lot of you waiting for the word go on our new line of AR-15’s. Trust me I’m working as fast as I can. I do, however, want to let you in on our production plan. We are preparingto introduce a base model, a 16″ tactical, 20″ tactical, and a 24″ designated marksman model. We will release our 5.56mm rifles our first year. Our next move will be a line of 6.8 SPC rifles. They will be ready to go in our second year.

I also have some ideas for training. Come train with us, use our rifles, get addicted to our rifles, and by all means have a discount on buying one. As soon as we get things running well enough the training curriculum and schedule will be established and announced.

Stay tuned for more information. Know that I’m putting together the best rifles anyone has ever done and watch for specials as well as preorder announcements.

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