“Let Loose the Dogs of War”

We’re still waiting to release our full rifles because of some technicalities. The easiest way for us to overcome that was the release of the completed uppers I’ve been raving about. I’m really excited about this and what it means to all of us here at Crusader. I could never say it better than my friend at madogre.com so to quote the OGRE:

I get asked all the time a simple question. Why would I buy a Crusader? The answer is simple. We are building the very best rifle possible. Those doing the actual building of these arms are not just someone shown how to assemble parts. That’s not good enough. These rifles are crafted by master gunsmiths who hand fit each and every part, making sure each component is flawless in construction… meticulous in detail… and who ask themselves our own very simple question. “Is this good enough that I would take this weapon to the fight?” If the answer is no – then that rifle is not yet a Crusader. We will not release anything that we would not ourselves fight with. Why would we? To make a buck? Hell no. We’ll let the other guys do that. We strive to be better than that… we strive for perfection.

Partisan Not every one can afford the extravagance of our other rifles. This is the one rifle we will make for the little guy.
barrel-16″ Wilson Combat
Gas system-carbine length
flash hidder-A2
handguard-Magpul MOE
MSRP $800

barrel-16″ Sabre Defence vanadium, chrome lined 1:9 twist
Gas system-mid length
flash hidder-Vortex
handguard-YHM lite free float
bolt carrier group-match grade, hard chromed
MSRP $1300

barrel-20″ Sabre Defence medium weight Stainless 1:8 twist
Gas system-mid length
flash hidder-Sabre break
handguard-YHM smooth railed
bolt carrier group-match grade, hard chromed
Bipod-versa pod 923
MSRP $1600

barrel-24″ Sabre Defence heavy contour match stainless 1:8 twist
Gas system-rifle length
flash hidder-A2
handguard-free float tube
bolt carrier group-match grade, hard chromed
Bipod-versa pod 923
MSRP $1500

For the Pre-Order the break down is as follows:

Partisan, $500 down $300 to ship it.
Guardian, $1000 down $300 to ship it.
Paladin, $1000 down $500 to ship it.
Templar, $1200 down $400 to ship it.

As I’ve mentioned before they will be available to order at We The Armed.

We will also have Hats, Shirts, Hoodies, and other assorted Crusader Goodies to order soon.

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