Hard at Work

We are, as we speak, working on the new Crusader Website. It’s going to be great. I’ve already looked at the model for it and it has a good clean look to it. I’m really proud of the work my guys have put into this and I hope you’ll all visit us at CrusaderWeaponry.com .

5 thoughts on “Hard at Work

  1. The link to the website doesn’t appear to be working. It either takes me to a 404 Link Not Found error page, or else to the WTA homepage.

    On the plus side: YES! THEY’RE FINALLY HERE!

      1. Cool, and the website looks really sweet! Can’t wait to see pics of the finished products.

        The link in the post still doesn’t work, though.

  2. gundoctor,

    You’re quite welcome for the plug (my pleasure), but please don’t keep a Partisan waiting around for me. It’s gonna be at least six months (and probably a heck of a while longer) before I’m going to be in a position to buy one.

  3. Ok the link should be working now. By the time you’re ready to buy we should have a stock on hand. No worries.

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