How do you like your “Change” now?


I just wanted to say a few words on our legislators. We have a few good ones out there, I’ll give you that. We also have a whole lot of human crap populating our legislative branch. I know that’s a harsh thing to say and it will tick off some of the less conservative folks out there.

Here’s why I say the above statement. For anyone to work with the President on this nightmare of a health care bill takes something just less then treason in my book. This bill will bankrupt the country (like we aren’t staring it in the face the way it is) and so much more. My wife is a nurse. Once the government runs all of health care they will also run how doctors and nurses get paid. We all know how our illustrious president feels about people making a bigger wage than he thinks they should.

Okay, we’re talking about the same people that destroyed medicare and medicade. Why would I want them to do the same thing with my my health insurence. This is just another way they are using to usurp our rights and gain control over us.

Please! For the love of everything holy let your representatives know that this kind of health care reform is not what our country needs.

I’d like to offer my plan to reduce the price of health care. Let’s take the same type of thing we did with the unnecessary law suits of firearm manufactures. Let’s pass a bill that doesn’t allow people to sue doctors for just anything. Of course people need to receive compensation for a doctor that was negligent of just didn’t care. My reason for this is once passes the doctors malpractice insurance will go down because they can only be sued if he truly did something wrong. Come one lets be honest. The physician doesn’t pay his malpractice insurance…we do. If he pays much less for his insurance then there’s less for them to pass on to us.

There the price of health care just dropped and liberty was preserved. Damn I’m good…

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