Refiner’s Forge

We’re going through a difficult time in this country but I believe we have a choice. We can sit and take what ever the politicians want to hand us. Sure that’s something that is possible but not a very American thing to do. Or we can stand our ground and push (vote) the politicians out of office that don’t share our vision of the greatness of America. The latter I believe will make us a stronger nation.

Let me liken it to the following:


 In some time or another all men (people) have their metal tested in the refiner’s forge. Men and countries alike start out as a lump of iron, fairly strong but in much need of work. So the forge is heated to a blistering heat. The iron is added to the fire. Just the right amount of heat must be applied. Too little and the metal isn’t workable. Too much and the Iron will melt into a pool at the bottom of the forge. Once the iron brightly glows it is removed. The Smithy’s work now begins there at the anvil. High pitched echoes ring from the anvil as the Smithy’s hammer swings.

The heat fades so the iron is returned to the flame. Slowly impurities leave the pores of the iron only to be burned away by the flame. Glowing again the Smithy returns to his work. The with every hammer blow the sound of the ring deadens. The iron is becoming stronger and more dense.

With each return to the fire impurities are burned away. While the pores of the metal remain open carbon from the forge enters the metal. With each swing of the hammer the iron lump is shaped until a usefull blade emerges.

When the Smithy’s work is done the metal is quenched. With hissing and boiling the forge’s heat is cooled. The pores contract trapping the newly added carbon. Where once was a lump of useless iron is now a steel blade worthy of defending the nation of it’s birth.

All of us need to take up the Smithy’s hammer and add strength to our country. We all need to bare the blistering heat of the forge in order to prepare the raw material we are given with every swing of the hammer. It’s up to us to forge our nation from the troubles we’re given into a the blade worthy of defending the helpless and spreading the framework of our republic to parts of the world under a tyrants boot. It’s up to you and I. If we don’t take care of the mess our country is in and headed for, our children and grandchildren may not be able to clean up the destruction, and our regrets, that are left behind.

My plea is this, if you see something going on in our government that doesn’t set well with you, please, don’t sit idle. Stand up and lead. Write letters or email, call your represenatives, do SOMETHING.

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