New from John Farnam

How many shots? This from a LEO in CA: “Last week, during a sweep, two of our tactical officers confronted a well-known, local VCA and gang-member. He was armed and, without hesitation, went for his concealed pistol. He never made it! Both our officers fired simultaneously, and both rounds hit. VCA was 10-X’ ed, twice. He went right down and was DRT at the scene. All of which is wonderful, of course, but both officers attempted to fire their pistol multiple times, and both unhappily discovered they were, unbeknownst to them, carrying one-shooters! As it turns out, additional rounds were probably unnecessary, but both officers were astonished to discover that their pistols had failed to cycle normally after the first round. It was subsequently diagnosed, in both cases, to be a feed-ramp problem. Easily corrected. However, these guys are all high-speed, and this kind of misstep is not supposed to happen!” Lessons: (1) Test your gear before you carry it! More than once I’ve failed to adequately test, with the high-performance ammunition I carry for serious purposes, a pistol I just got back from my favorite gunsmith, only to discover (on the range, fortunately) that my new pistol didn’t like the ammunition I was feeding it. How unfair! In this business we don’t like surprises. Accordingly, don’t set yourself up to be “surprised!” Make sure you’re not “beta-testing” in the field! (2) When carrying an autoloading pistol, you’re pretty-much guaranteed the first shot. There are no guarantees after that. Your gun may run normally, and it may not! Accordingly, never forget that the most important shot you’ll ever fire, and maybe the only one you get to fire, is your first one! The naive foolishly believe that they can afford to pitch their first few rounds, because they have a “high-capacity” magazine. Never allow yourself to be seduced by that false line of thinking. Treat every round as if it were your only round, and you’ll live through many fights, as these two officers so expertly demonstrated!


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