New Holster On The Way

I’ve been looking into getting a new CCW holster for a while now. A good friend of mine (Mr. Dahl) turned me on to inside the waist band holsters. He let me try on his new holster some months back and that changed my out look on them. In the last week I was able to try on the Galco N3 holster with my pistol. That was so comfortable I couldn’t believe it. Re-holster was easy and the pistol glided out for presentation. Since every one of these holsters are gone in my area I ordered it yesterday.

I’m really excited about this holster showing up. I will do a full right up on it after it arives and I’ve worn it for atleast a week or two. That way you get the full perspective with some time wearing the holster.

Until then….




2 thoughts on “New Holster On The Way

  1. Another one bites the dust… 😉

    IWB isn’t perfect all the time, but it’s certainly useful MOST of the time.


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