Watch your 6

I want to get something out here that I’ve been watching on the horizon for a while now. There was an article in the local news that really points us in the direction of my point.

Look we have had a few decades of decent living with decent people. Not many people in “good” areas remember what it was like to look over their shoulder for any good reason and we have grown complacent. The nice lady in the article just trying to make it home wasn’t in the inner city. She was in a decent residential area. There really shouldn’t have been need to worry.

Look folks, our national economy is in the toilet. Hundreds of thousands of people are loosing their jobs every month. The government is, in my opinion, actively trying to make things worse so “We The People” will be more and more reliant on them for our daily bread. The more they do so the more desperate people will become.

Okay, history time. The 1920’s and 30’s sucked. Why? The Great Depression. That’s the last time we have had a housing market this bad so lets use that as our equal spot in the time line. When there is no work to keep shady people active bad things happen. People found they could make a living by taking away other people’s living. My point with this is that hungry people will go to great lengths to continue living. You get people that loose their jobs, have no family to help them, and are at the end of their rope their survival instincts will kick in. They will do what it takes to survive.

I know here in Utah we are already seeing this. We’ve had two bank robberies in the last week. Bank robbery has been up in general the last six months. Now we have an older lady robbed while walking home in a decent area of town.

Now here’s my reason for all this. We have to open our eyes. Simply floating through life oblivious to our surroundings has to stop. We can no longer live with the belief that, “everyone around me is one of the good guys and I have nothing to worry about”. We can no longer sit while we let the police or “the gun toting crowd” watch over us like sheepdogs. You have to be aware of yourself and what is around you. You have to look at people on the street around you and size them up. Sound like profiling? It should in my book. Profiling to me is just using your natural instincts in order to keep yourself safe. You don’t want to carry a gun or a knife to protect your family and self from what I hope never happens to you fine. I’m really ok with that. Carry mace, carry a whistle, carry something. Just do something to take care of yourself. Please.

I don’t want to speculate that things are going to get worse because I really don’t want things to go that far. I will tell you this. I am going to carry my pistol when I go out. I’m going to watch around me more than I have in the past. I will look at the reflection in the store windows as I walk by to see who is behind me more. I will confront evil if, Heaven forbid, it comes my way. If you wont stand up for yourself and say I wont take this without a fight, then do it for your family. They deserve to have you come home from work or where ever you go. They need you to be there for them.

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