Defensive Handgun

We are getting really excited about our handgun course on 9/26/09. It’s really going to be a fantastic class. If you’ve been thinking about taking a handgun class this is the one to take.

We have a theory about our training that most sneer at. You see, we want to bring you world class training that you can afford. There are a lot of classes out there that will get you a week of training, which is great, where you’ll expend about 1000 rounds, you’ll need hotel and meal considerations and they want you to spend another $1000 or so on the class.

Look our classes right now are an intense 1 day affair. Our lead instructor has worked tirelessly to give you the best principles from the latest training from everyone from the US Marine Corp to Blackwater (now Xe). These are the latest training principles used in modern combat situations world wide but the thing we aren’t going to do is gouge you in order to provide it. $150 is all you’ll be paying for this class. Training equal to places like Thunder Ranch or Front sight but at a price you can afford.

Sign up for a class today. If there is a class you want but isn’t on the schedule yet just send me a message. I’ll send you information on upcoming classes still on the planning board.

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