Farnam on American guns in Mexico

Mr. Farnam is in his usual groove with this quip. We’ve all seen the news footage of fully automatic AK’s and other interesting goodies that we simply can’t get here and yet we get the blame for it. You and I both know that it’s a bunch of drive by media garbage but they want to use it to take our 2nd amendment rights away from us. If you’re not standing up already and saying,”enough is enough”, to our socialist/one world government then now is the time. With that please read the following by John Farnam.

14 Oct 09 

 American guns in Mexico? 

 Amid frantic calls for the USA to “… reinstate the Clinton-era ban on ‘  assault’ weapons,” (based entirely on superficial appearances) and “…  stepping up investigations of American gun-dealers and owners, and more  strictly regulating American gun-shows” come dubious assurances that such atrocious federal actions in the USA “… will weaken drug-cartels, disrupting their illegal activities and making it easier ultimately to dismantle and destroy them” 

 On, please! Have we heard this rubbish before? Mexico’s “government” hardly inspires confidence, and, when they’ve been so demonstrably incapable thus far in dealing with their own drug-cartels, they can scarcely make a persuasive case that the situation will miraculously change with new, restrictive laws passed in America.

Either way, for any drug-cartel, with literally billions necessary to import cocaine by the ton, importing weapons from South America, Europe, and Asia is child’s play.

 A US Senator, and one of our students, noted when he recently toured our southern border that he observed a steady stream of cars and trucks crossing the border, heading south. None were ever searched, on either side!

One logically concludes that Mexico’s government is vastly more worried about interfering with the southern flow of American dollars than they ever will be about interfering with the supposed flow, in the same direction, of weapons!

For Liberals, justifying the degenerative extermination of individual freedom opens the door to progressive tyranny, for which they so earnestly, sincerely, and additively lust. On the way, their cockamamy rationalizations are comical indeed, as we see!


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