More feedback

Alright, so I got the kit and 1st put it to use on my STI Spartan 1911, a great pistol made in the Philippines and assembled in TX.  Like all STI stuff, they make a great gun, but it always felt kinda gritty, even after several thousand rounds of USPSA Single Stack division.  Usual lube of choice was some CLP, maybe a touch or two of Hoppe’s Moly stuff.  Cleaned 1911 thoroughly, applied lube everywhere there were rails or wear showing and used oil on the remaining parts and trigger.  Cycled 20 or 30 times and it felt like my dad’s old match tuned Colt Gold Cup.  Tight, slick with no grit at all.  Waiting to take it out to TN state championship to see how it holds up under match conditions.

Next up is my Beretta 92FS, a police trade in with several thousand rounds through it.  Well worn, rattles just a little.  I’ve already replaced the trigger spring and mainspring with Wolff replacements, so that helped.  Same lube, it felt pretty slick already (to me).  Same deal, broke it down & cleaned it, applied lube and oil in all appropriate places and cycled the action a lot.  Wow, immediate noticeable difference.  No friction whatsoever.  Slicker’n whale sh** as my father would say.  Not much change in SA trigger pull, DA trigger pull feels cleaner, smoother.

So after getting off work late last night I decide I’m just going to go ahead and do this to all of them. Two frankenstein AR-15’s, one Romy AK rifle build,  one Romy AK pistol build, a Remy 1100 and a Remy 870.  AR’s felt better in every way. Even used a bit of lube on buffer edges to cut down on some chatter.  Single stage standard trigger with Wolff springs feels awesome now, breaks cleaner.  Two stage Rock River trigger on tack driving AR takes up much nicer, can feel the break point without going over.  Well worn-in AK feels like it’s been given a day at the spa, that lube on the rails works wonders.  AK pistol always had a binding point at the rearmost portion of the action cycle, you actually had to take the palm of your hand and slam it forward….not so much now.  The single biggest improvement of any of my collection has to be the Remington 1100 shotgun.  This has been my principal 3-gun shotgun, so it has been (lightly) abused and is known for jamming occasionally.  I completely broke it down (even to pulling the trigger/hammer assembly out) and lubed/oiled every part I could find.  Good Lord!  This is a new shotgun.  Feels great, bolt moves like lightning.  Can’t wait to give it a run under match conditions.

Sorry guys, no video camera, just had to share the love.  I’m a fan.  I need a Slipstream t-shirt after you get a good logo.

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