The gunshow this month is going to be great. I’m really excited to be setting up at it for the first time. We have some great stuff planned for it. I have my Marketing/Senior Trainer there who promises to be Billy Mays back from the grave…minus the whole zombie thing. That is going to be fun to watch. We will have a couple sample bottles of SlipStream there and we’ll be doing demo’s on folks guns then and there. Nothing like watching the rickety gun you just bought become a smooth operator in one minute or less. Man I love this stuff. The miracles it creates inside guns is simply incredible. You would think it was consecrated oil for guns or something. A couple waves of the bottle and your weapon is blessed and ready for action. But I digress. The show is going to be great. I don’t yet know where they will have us set up inside yet. I do however have a way for you to find us.

Crusader Banner

We have a wall booth and will be sporting our new Crusader Banner. We’ll get it as high as we can so everyone can see it. Please, if you come to the show stop by and say hello.

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