Versatile SlipStream

This piece of feedback, from We The Armed, really shows how versatile SlipStream really is. This stuff works great on folding knives, fishing reals, and anything else that has moving parts. Really great comments here. Thanks to the author.

I received my Slipstream kit from Crusader Smithy a couple weeks ago and have tried it on a couple things.

S&W M&P40– The trigger on this gun has a lot of moving parts which of course creates friction and a poor trigger pull.  When I first got it I put a little Super Lube on the contact points, it improved, and have run it that way for about the last 500 rounds. 

While I had it open last week for a little inspection I decided to put some Slipstream Lube (grease) on the trigger group but for some reason it did not want to stick, could be the Teflon in the Super Lube that I had only wiped off.  Rather than try and clean it off, I decided to try some Slipstream Oil instead.  Definitely an improvement and the trigger is smoother than ever.  If the oil stays put then I see no need to try the Lube.

Snap On Folding Knife– My younger son was out shopping with Mom and picked up one of these low grade Chinese made knives at the store.  He showed it to me when he came home and I couldn’t believe how stiff it was.  It really disappointed me that Snap On would put their name on this.  An idea popped in my head to give Slipstream Oil a try.  We saw an instant improvement which keeps on getting better and leads me to the next item…

Benchmade Mini-Griptillian– This has been my daily carry for over five years.  If any of you carry a folding knife you know how much pocket lint collects on these things, adding oil only makes it worse.  After seeing the effect that Slipstream Oil had on my son’s knife, I decided to try some on mine.  This knife is pretty well built and is smooth but the Slipstream Oil made a huge difference.  The knife now feels like it is running on ball bearings made of glass.  Typically when I lube this knife it feels great for a couple days and then the lint soaks the oil right out of it.  I have not seen any indication that this is happening.  Everytime I open it I am amazed at how well it feels.  You guys really need to market this to the knife people out there.

Kimber 1911 conversion kit– This kit is a lot of fun and accurate but is finicky about the ammo that it is fed.  It likes its loads a little more towards the spicy side.  I pulled it out to head to the range last week and before I put it on the Kimber frame, a few drops of Slipstream Oil were added to the rails and contact points.  At first it did not feel like much of a difference when running the gun by hand.  George said that sometimes it takes a little bit for the stuff to “soak in” and he was right.  When I got to the range and loaded a mag I could start to feel a difference.  I ran 6 or 7 mags of bulk Remington through the gun with zero hiccups.  It normally likes this load but you could tell that the slide velocity was much faster.  Next I am going to try the Federal bulk which it typically chokes on.

I find the Lube (grease) to be a bit thick but I have some areas I want to try it.  So far everything I have tried the Oil on has worked better than expected.  The two biggest things were the Kimber kit and the Benchmade.  Definitely a big difference.  Oh, I almost forgot, that logo is pretty nice too. 

Order yours today at the Crusader Weaponry website.

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