Local Gun Shop News

exciting news for on the home front. I went in to a local gun shop (Get Some Guns and Ammo) today to check on their ammo supply.  They usually have a good selection and good prices. While I was there I decided to ask who would be the guy to talk to about possibly stocking SlipStream. The right guy just happened to be in.

Didn’t get a whole lot of love from him at first other than the run out of CLP (the only stuff they currently carry) pretty quick and have to wait for resupply. They said they would be willing to try out a sample if I brought them one. Yeah…they had their samples within the hour.

The gentleman I talked to still had the attitude of yeah thanks we’ll call if we want more. They have a range there. Out of the range walks a guy I did some pistol work for at my last gig. He wanted to ask me some questions about his finicky pistol. I had the chance there to tell him the level of maintenance and discuss SlipStream with him. Two minutes and he was completely sold on it. I dropped the hint that I’m here seeing if Get Some wants to stock SlipStream. Still not satisfied I was asked for my card and I gave him that and the WTA website where he could read customer reviews and see videos of SlipStream at work. He’ll be a customer either of mine directly or of Get Some when/if they stock it. Needless to say they gent from the shop had a little different attitude. He started with,” here’s how this is going to work”, and informed me that they clean the range rental guns on Sundays when they aren’t so busy. We talked about applying it and left on good terms. I’ll be hearing from them soon.

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