This Weekend

For once I am truly excited for the upcoming weekend. This one is going to be epic. Friday night one of my best friends on the planet (I can narrow that down to about 4 people) invited me to come to his concert. Cory is great. He’s a AKKI Kenpoist, gun nut, and lead guitar of RUYN The Band. A few of us get free tickets and all we have to do is consider ourselves band security. Oh no, hurt me a little more. So we get to hang out and jam with the band and bust someones skull if they get out of line. That’s just a good time.

Then on Saturday and Sunday we  have the gunshow. There we’ll be really unveiling SlipStream and Crusader Firearms Training officially for the first time. I’ll have my marketing director and senior trainer Mr. George Hill, the MadOgre himself, there to help spread the word. I am seriously excited about the gunshow and so is George. This is really going to be a killer end to the week.

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