Crossroads of the West Gunshow

As I’ve mentioned before we were set up at the Crossroads of the West gunshow this weekend. I have to tell you it was great. We did some great SlipStream demo’s and saw a lot of surprised faces. We talked to other dealers. We talked to a lot of great people and just had a great time. Best of all we got our name and our reputation out there as trainers and manufacturers and ended up selling some SlipStream. That was just the icing on the cake though. The people we talked to and the connections we made was the meat and potatoes of the show.

The exploding targets from Star Targets are worth looking up. The owners were there and what great guys and old friends of mine. They have videos of their stuff all over youtube. They really are a blast, no pun intended.

We talked to Chris over at Fidelis Arms quite a bit. They have some stuff coming that is going to rock the market. It’s not on their website yet but watch for new stuff coming there.

Rick from R.I.P. Tactical was great to talk to. He is a custom AR builder from Southern Utah. Good stuff and a good guy. He is testing out SlipStream this next week. We had him play with some of our oil while at his booth and is impressed so far. He is going to test it some more this coming week and if it continues to impress him as much he has agreed to include SlipStream with every gun he builds. How cool is that? I can’t wait to hear from him.

This gunshow went well enough that I do believe that we will continue to be at the gunshows.

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