Crusader Broadsword

It’s been a while in the making but I am absolutely thrilled to announce our first production rifle. This is a 7.62 NATO/.308win rifle with no equal. This thing will eat any reasonable factory ammo and ask for more. I say reasonable ammo because lets face it, you try to feed it wimpy, underpowered ammo and no semi-auto will function with that. You give it factory ammo and she’ll run just fine. We’re offering it in 16, 18, 20, 24 inch barrel lengths.

This rifle lives up to its name. It is surprisingly light weight but is an accurate, heavy hitter. Your SR-25 wishes it was a Broadsword. Yep, you heard me so without making you waite further  HERE IS THE Crusader BROADSWORD:

Shooters on the Right!    Shooters on the Left!   Lock and Load one 20 round Magazine…. You may Fire Your Orders when Ready!

The Broadsword .308 can now be ordered.  Complete rifle.
Let’s run down the features.  
Flip up iron sights.
Free Floated Rails.
G3 Magazine.
Custom milled from forged billet.  – No, it is not heavy.
Trigger Finger Standby Pad… for better Off Target – Off Trigger Discipline.
Permanent Slipstream Lubrication Treatment of Bolt, Bolt Carrier, Charging Handle.
Custom Crusader Armor Finish.

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