SlipStream for the Troops

George, my idea man, hits another one out of the ball park. I have a piece of his post that I will quote but I want you to read the rest right from him.

After reading the reports of a battle in Afghanistan where our soldier’s weapons were failing them – I know that our Slipstream would have made a difference. I know it. So I want to do something… We need donations to do this… we need help. So please, order a kit for yourself… and one more for a Soldier. When we get 20 kits – enough lubricant for a Company. We’ll sent that box over to Afghanistan to a Unit of the Army or the US Marines, one of the Front Line units… and this stuff will improve their weapons function and it could save lives.

Many of us have family and friends fighting for us whether they be a soldier, sailer, airman, Marine, or contractor. Their missions may be slightly different but they are all there to protect the interests of those of us at home. We’ve all been to a training course and have a weapons malfunction. It’s the nature of the beasts. Well for those overseas right now this isn’t a training course. When their weapon fails the bullets don’t stop flying at them. SlipStream has already proven itself by military personnel to more than double the reliability of the M4 in dusty desert conditions. We want to give our troops that same reliability, that same opportunity to have a functioning weapon when others fail. That’s why we are announcing SlipStream for the Troops and are asking you for your help. I can think of no better gift to send overseas or a better time to do it than Christmas time. So help us out by buying a kit for the troops. Buy one for yourself but get one for them.

So, help us give them a better chance at coming home in one piece. Buy some SlipStream for the troops. Every time we get 20 (a case) bought for them we will personally send it to the front lines. Let’s all do something real for the true “Crusaders” that are protecting us from terrorism. Send them the gift of a longer functioning weapon with SlipStream.

2 thoughts on “SlipStream for the Troops

  1. I think this is joe previously from FBMG. You did a siaga conversion for me and now my gun will not eject. I talked to james he said to contact you I cant figure out how to contact you and these websites are running me all over please respond to my e-mail I am out of options and Im not sure what to do. thanks levi I hate to have to go to another gunsmith I already paid once.

    1. How long has the conversion been done?
      How many rounds have you fired since the conversion?
      The ejector is just part of the rails of the reciever. Is it damaged in any way?

      Let me know what the answers are to the above questions and I’ll see what I can do.

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