First off I would like to remind everyone of SlipStream for the troops. This is a great way to help us help the troops. We have lowered our prices to give you a good deal while doing something real to support the troops. So please help us out by buying a kit for the troops. Just label it in the special instructions box that it is for the troops and we will get it to them. Thanks much.

Secondly I am very happy to announce that we are ready to start our rifles program. I have put the rifles back up on the website so you can see the specs on it. We are launching our 5.56mm rifles first but the 7.62mm are not far behind. Just give me a couple weeks and the Broadsword will be available. Photos are coming shortly so keep an eye open for them. It has been a long time coming but we are extremely excited to have the details worked out and ready for production. Part of what has taken so long is the fact that we refuse to compromise on quality. These are simply the finest AR-15 rifles possible. Assembly is still about 8 weeks out during this start phase. Serial numbers are starting with CW001 and now is your chance to get a rifle in, basically, the single digits. If you are willing to put half down the low serial numbers will be reserved in the order they are claimed. We are as we speak up to CW004 so I urge you to act quickly while the smallest numbers are still available. So visit our website for details and ordering information.

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