FNP Series Pistols

Recently I’ve had the chance to work on a couple FN pistols. I really like these guns. Then again it’s a polymer pistol with a hammer so that’s a point in it’s favor with me. They came in because of their strong triggers. According to my phone calls with the factory in the past these are combat pistols (rugged, reliable, and able to shoot minute of human) nothing more nothing less and they do their stated job well. Combat pistols all come with a heavy trigger. The standard trigger weight is between 7-8 pounds for such pistols. It sounds like a bit much but it has it’s purpose.

A combat pistol is made to do one thing and one thing only. Save your butt when your rifle runs dry. Since this is it’s only purpose it is taken into account that you will be under extreem stress and will not know your own strength. The heavy trigger is so you don’t fire the pistol without meaning to under those conditions. It’s a nessisary evil for a combat pistol that the target class of shooters curse about.

The two pistols I worked on received the precursor to our permanent SlipStream treatment. This is where we take the nano lubricant part of SlipStream and bond it to the friction points of your gun. This results in a permanent lubricant so you can run wet or dry and still have the protection of an oil on the critical points of your weapon. After doing this treatment to those FNP’s, and one other little fix, the trigger weight was drastically reduced. Lock time (time between pulling the trigger and primer ignition, i.e. hammer/firing pin speed) was also noticeably faster. It really was another incredible addition to the SlipStream proof file.

This permanent treatment will be offered soon on our website. At that time you will be able to send in your firearm to have this service done.

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