Carry Possition

A friend of mine has been to one of the big box firearm training companies. They stressed draw and fire drills. The question came of, “do you have any suggestions for improvement?” After watching him go through a few drills…yes I do.

As a piece of background I look at it from an AKKI prospective that stresses economy of movement. Now that, that is said let me detail my answer.

Carry position has a lot to do with it. In the video my friend had the holster in a very comfortable position. However it was too far to the rear and he was fighting it to draw the weapon. “But, but, but…it’s comfortable”. Yes I know it’s nice and comfy but it’s not very useful. It all depends on your purpose. Everything we do, carrying, must be purpose driven. Here’s a little exercise (do so with your pistol empty, I am not responsible for your being stupid with a loaded gun):

  1. put on your holster and weapon where you normally carry it.
  2. let your arms hang naturally.
  3. naturally and quickly bring your hand straight up your side.

Let me guess, your hand ended up about where you have your pocket knife clipped to your front pocket. Now did your hand meet your pistol grip or is your pistol too far to the rear. This friend of mine had it too far back and was noticeably fighting to draw the weapon.

Okay, before any of you start yelling at your computer screen there’s another side of this. What is your normal mode of carry. If you are a fan of behind the back carry then of course you will be working hard to draw your pistol. That’s a difficult spot to draw from. The above exercise works well for those carrying strong side and IWB strong side.

By carrying where your hand naturally goes you will find it quick and easy to draw the weapon. Is this the most comfy place to carry? Nope. Will it improve the ease and functionality of drawing your weapon? In my opinion, absolutely and without a doubt. This is one of those things that is individual to each person just like holster you prefer to carry in or the gun you put in the holster. The most important thing is that you carry and do so as functional and comfortable as you can.

So carry strong and carry with pride. This is America.

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