New Customer Review

I just got in a new customer review from Utah Concealed Carry and had to share it. It’s a good review and you can tell how excited he was when he wrote it. So a big thanks to the author of the review.

Hey ya’ll, I just bought me some new lube from The stuff is called “SlipStream”, man oh man, let me tell you: That’s the perfect name for this product.

Just like anything cool I get in the mail, i tore into my package from Crusader Weaponry right away. I found a small box and my bottle of slipstream and the applicator within. So, I think to myself, “Should i give this product a fair trial by putting it in my Glock to see how it performs?” Nah…Glocks can run with sand in them, so i reached for my LLama .45 ACP IX-C. What a POS this gun is… Fun to shoot, was cheap to acquire, but the slide won’t go completely forward to battery every now and again.

So i figure if this miracle Slipstream stuff is going to do anything, it will do it to the Llama. Lol. :roll:

Following the instructions, I degrease and cleaned my weapon before i applied the Slipstream lube. Just a side note here, the metallic, needle-like applicator was worth the cost of the entire purchase alone! Wow, what a genius idea and i have never seen it applied to a weapon lube. So easy to use sparingly with the needle-like applicator that came with it. Anyway, i put it in all the usual places and then a bit inside the firing pin area, etc.

I mean, not only is the stuff expensive (Kinda), but i wanted to see what this stuff was capable of doing with a minimal amount of lube applied. Every drop i put in the slide seemed to crawl up the notches and cracks itself, it was really odd looking.

My first impressions after my Llama was re-assembled:
*Ultra easy to rack the slide now.
*Quieter. It could be in my head, but when i rack the slide over and over to work the lube in, the action seems to have gotten quieter.
*The lube doesn’t run. Normally when i set my gun down, i have to do the song and dance with the lube running out of the rails or out of the back of the hammer, this stuff just sat there.

OKay, so it went on and stayed on fine, how about shooting?

Would you beleive…… NO FAILURES, NOT ONCE did it the slide stop short and go into battery like before. Holy crap! :shock: I mean, its a Llama! Isn’t it supposed to jam and FF?! Lol, not anymore! I put a full white box of 100 round through it and used a single magazine. Very happy that the Lama doesn’t Fail anymore, or at least today; with the Slipstream!

I can’t wait to SlipStream my Shotgun. I love this stuff already and its only the first 24 hours!

Also, while this stuff may SEEM expensive, we don’t ever have an issue buying $1.00 to $1.75 per bullet for quality HP’s, the lube shouldn’t be any different. Especially if it delivers! In this economy, its nice to have a company actually deliver on the promises it is marketing. Slipstream does!

Thank you Crusader Weaponry !

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