As many of you in our network know I picked up a Glock 23 late last week. I haven’t posted much about it so far but I wanted to do so after a day at the range. What a great day at the range. I was short on time but was able to get 50 shots down range anyway. In fact I ran into a good friend of mine (and his daughter, have to love daddy daughter day at the range) and did as much teaching as I did shooting. I loved every minute of it. They came away with a few things to work with to improve their pistol shooting and I got to shoot my new pistol.

The first time I shot a Glock was at the Blackwater High Threat Security vetting course. I was amazed at the little G19 I was issued. Center mass became boring and I finally got yelled at for making too many head shots when others were struggling with center mass. I loved the accuracy and the non-existent recoil of that compact 9mm and I was actually proud to carry it around the campus. I also got a kick out of the klinking noise it made. They were stored dry and we shot them dry. With no lube the normal recoil spring squeak was a rapid klink.

My new G23 impresses me just as much and I am very comfortable with it on my side. I guess it’s a confidence thing. The Para I knew I could hit center mass and that was really all it was capable of. This compact Glock…if I need a head shot I know it will happen. So I have to say with full confidence that the G23 gets the GunDoctor seal of approval.

G23 initial 20 round accuracy target

Okay, so I got a few fliers. I know….rub it in. I noticed after a few mags my grip started to tire by the end of the mag. Nothing more range time wont fix though. If you don’t have one of these you’re missing out.

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