New service

I’m working on a new service. It’s far from being ready for an official announcement but worth making it a tangent. As many of you know I am a recent convert to Glock. I’ve worked on a number of them but never had them to the range. All it took was my first trip to the range with a G19 to change my opinion. Now I own a G23 that I love. That’s right I gave up the brick of a Para I had been carrying and went with a compact .40S&W that I can shoot with accurate confidence.

Well now I have the bug and want to pass on the glory that can be once the Glock has had a little T.L.C. A few upgraded parts like an extended slide release and a fitted connector really improve the ease of function of any Glock. Well I want to provide those parts and add the ST-3 permanent Slipstream treatment for pistols and really make the Block….I mean Glock a treasure.

Now yeah I still get my jabs in about the “block” but it really is a no frills gun. Add in a little tenderness and the Glock is an amazing weapon.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress with this service. In the mean time “rock out with your Glock out”.

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