I have a new project I’m working on. It’s for the owner of My Utah CCW and will be posted on his site. He’s also agreed to do a detailed write up on it. It took us a while to pick the pattern and colors of this project but I think it’s really going to be great. I’ll post more pictures and links to his article about it when it’s finished. After talking together He decided that he wanted an Urban pattern. That’s all well and good. I really have no problem with that. As you know I am more concerned with a working pattern/color combo. These camo jobs are something I stake my reputation on and a crappy pattern isn’t something I will allow out of my shop. Well that brings us back to his Urban pattern. I do Urban camo in a far different manner than anyone else. The typical black, gray, and white….simply doesn’t work for something that is meant to blend with a city. Black…okay I get it you have to have it as your base coat. Why…shadows. You have to have something that melts the surface of the gun into the darkest parts of shadows…day and night. Gray…yes you need it. That being said your next color is a darker…pavement tone gray. That’s actually a color I use quite a bit of. Look back through my other jobs and you’ll even find some that are taken on the pavement. Okay, now we come to our last color. Now typically is has been white. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen (florescent camo’s aside). Urban camo was created for law enforcement. These guys aren’t trying to wear a neon sign on their weapons and a stark white is exactly that. From the shadows or across the street white things become a very light gray. Even darker if viewed from the shadows. So you third color is never white. You use a lighter gray. Not so dark that you have a hard time telling the difference between your two grays and not so light that it resembles day glow. The next time you’re downtown look around and notice how different colors look. The further away the lighter the color is. Shadows will tint color in an unexpected manner. Let me show you what I mean.

This is not what you want. This is a JOKE.
This is MUCH better.

In an urban setting you can plainly see how the top picture is really laughable. The white really is like day glow. However the next one will do well in the “Urban Jungle”.

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